No Las Vegas Deal In The Works For Britney Spears

Though reports have suggested Jack Wishna has been negotiating a deal to bring to Las Vegas for a long-term casino headliner deal, the singer’s rep says otherwise. “Not true, there is no Vegas show in the works,” a spokesperson told The New York Post.

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8 thoughts on “No Las Vegas Deal In The Works For Britney Spears

  1. fandango says:

    her reps are the ones who start the rumours to BEGIN with, just to market test it. Obviously – they didn’t get the response they were looking for.

  2. estephania says:

    There goes her last gasp at fame. Too bad really, she really belongs with the hookers in Vegas.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    It seemed kind of obvious that it wouldn’t happen. There would have been more publicity around it if it were true.

  4. Starlet01 says:

    Maybe, that’s why the rumor been making the rounds. Is she still making the album?

  5. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Well, Vegas is tacky and trashy, so it would be perfect for her!

  6. Pheobe says:

    No one wants to see that slut, both Britney and Christina’s careers are over.

  7. Caramel23 says:

    no one wants to see that frog looking whore lip-synch and do her robotic stiff dance routines

  8. chickawickabob says:

    whatever its not really anyone’s business but hers. it would of been awesome though to go to Vegas and see my fave singer perform.

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