No Love Lost Between Marc Anthony’s Ex-Wife And J.Lo

According to Us Weekly, Marc Anthony’s ex-wife Dayanara Torres doesn’t want Marc’s new wife Jennifer Lopez to be part of their children’s lives. “Dayanara doesn’t want her children anywhere near Jennifer at this point,” a source revealed. Another source added, “It is better for Marc to keep his women separated. There is no love lost between them.” The bad blood goes way back for the two women. “Jennifer was always a shadow in their marriage,” a source close to Torres said. Can the step-mom shut out work? A source close to J.Lo says that the singer “may not like the idea that she can’t be involved [in his family].”

Jennifer Lopez Ready To Move On

August 21, 2004 – Craig Kilborn joked about Jennifer during his Late Late Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Reports say that J.Lo has already filed for divorce. She got that 7th husband itch.”

J.Lo Having Marc, Ben, Diddy, Cris & Ojani Over For Dinner?

August 19, 2004 – Ann Montini of Sky News reports that Jennifer Lopez is thinking of having all her exes over for dinner so they can clear the air. “I hate the fact that I could run into an ex while I am married to Marc [Anthony]”, she said. “I like this idea far better.”

Jennifer Lopez Reneges On E! Deal

August 18, 2004 – E! execs are furious at Jennifer after she reneged on granting the cable network an interview. “Jennifer cut a deal with E! that if they laid off her, she would give them an exclusive interview – her and her family members,” someone involved in the deal told The New York Post. Why did J.Lo change her mind? “Jennifer didn’t want to talk about her marriage, pregnancy or anything. She has no concept of how to treat people,” the insider revealed. “She wants all these favors from the press, but can’t pay back her debt.”

Jennifer Lopez Battles Father Time

August 18, 2004 – Us Weekly reports that after turning 35 last month, Jennifer has been taking extra steps to combat aging. “She said she started getting some new facial treatment,” a source revealed. “It’s the essence of placenta or something like that.” Lopez is also battling to stay thin, working out almost daily with a personal trainer in Miami Beach.

J.Lo And Marc Anthony Talking Through Marriage Troubles

August 18, 2004 – Sources tell In Touch magazine that several factors are causing a strain in Jennifer Lopez’s three-month old marriage to Marc Anthony, including her continued friendship with ex-lover Ben Affleck. The couple recently tried to talk through all their troubles, and a family insider revealed, “They knew they had to work through everything that was bugging them. But the list of things turned out to be a whole lot longer than either one expected.” Anthony also wants J.Lo to rid herself of all the jewelry from her exes, especially Ben Affleck. If she does, Anthony promised to replace it all with pricier items. Lopez agreed with the offer.

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10 thoughts on “No Love Lost Between Marc Anthony’s Ex-Wife And J.Lo

  1. Mr_IceFire says:

    There are 2 options Us Weekly is lying or Dayanara is stupid.. Danayara’s kids can’t ignore Jennifer because they will ask questions and she tries to keep Jennifer at a distance so looks like that Jennifer doesn’t care about Danayara’s children. She wants that the kids hate Jennifer and that’s not a good idea of raising your kids :|

  2. dujour1012 says:

    Jlo can’t possibly be surprised that Dayanara doesn’t want her anywhere near her children. Jennifer Lopez is so wrong. How can you respect or marry a man who would just up and leave his wife(which he married twice) and children like that. If her and Marc Anthony stay married it will be awhile before his ex-wife allows her to get to know her children.

  3. bsg1hbk says:

    I agree with Dayanara why should she let Jlo near her children? has Jlo earned it? Any woman with any decency a respect for others would of left mark and Dayanara live their marriage without her ghost around. Neither Mark nor Jlo deserve any respect from Dayanara none of them thought about the children when in less than a week mummy and daddy are divorced and daddy got married again..who was there to explain that to the children? certainly not Jlo.

  4. popmaster167 says:

    Well she is their mother, she’s entitled to bring them up whatever way she wants…’, ‘its no1’s business to tell her how & how not to bring up HER kids. Its a hard situation and there’s no real right way of dealing with it, so stop being judgmental.

  5. coco says:


  6. liya492 says:

    Rosie O’Donnell has known Marc Anthony for many years. she said that she wasn’t surprised by their sudden wedding .That Marc always was in love with J.lo even during his marriage to J.lo.That a lot of songs that he wrote during his career are about her. She also added that J.lo was a curse and a blessing at the same that in his marriage 2 Dayanara .she was a big problem in his relationship with his wife. Dayanara didn’t support their friendship.Marc always called Jlo his best friend.

  7. galleta says:



  8. Mable says:

    Common sense would tell that any woman with any type of motherly instincts or concern, would most likely tell a man separated with small children to try to work things out with his family, before she snatches him up, has him divorce his wife and marry her 4 days later. If she cared anything about the feelings or the well-being of those children, Marc Anthony would have been off limits to her. Or she would have at least waited and gave it time until the situation was worked out in a respectable manner, considering this man was separated and had small children. But the wench did not, and that is probably why Dayanara feels that way because she knows Lopez is a big phoney!

  9. CMAMusic says:

    Dayanara does not owe Jennifer Lopez any respect or consideration. That is something that is earned. Not just given to anyone. Jennifer Lopez goes off and marries her husband four days after the divorce becomes final and Dayanara is supposed to play the saint and take the higher road? Dayanara is an excellent mother who is doing what she knows is in her children’s best interest. Neither Marc Anthony or Jennifer have proven themselves to be of high morals or character, so why should Dayanara have her children be exposed to those two. People idolize JLo and it’s without just cause. This is an incredibly self-centered, selfish, careless and reckless person, who at the age of 35 has yet to show that she has gained any significant growth, maturity or humility. Dayanara made have to contend with having Marc Anthony being her children’s father but she does not have to do the same with Jennifer. People like her and Marc Anthony “se le da la espalda” – you turn your back to them and keep on walking.

  10. maryfingsunshine says:

    But Jennifer shouldn’t be allowed to have kids! The woman can’t hold on to a man for more than year and half, and that’s not a stable environment for a child to grow up in. Dayanara doesn’t want her kids around Jennifer because she doesn’t want the kids to get attached. When Jen and Marc break up in a year those kids are gonna be heartbroken, unless they aren’t attached in which case they probably won’t care! I fell bad for Jennifer’s kids, I can’t imagine what it will be like for them to grow up having a new ‘daddy’ every other year!

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