No More Bad Boys For Sarah Harding

Fabulous magazine spoke with for their latest cover story, asking the star about settling down with DJ Tom Crane, 28, after failed relationships with infamous Lotharios Calum Best and Steve Jones. “My problem is that I always pick bad boys, or at least I did until I met Tom,” she explained. “In the past I’ve had some pretty awful relationships and I’m the one who always gets dumped. I’m very high-maintenance emotionally and guys just get fed up with me. That does get to me and it’s part of the reason why, when a relationship ends, I party like mad.”

The 27-year-old was also asked if her mouth ever got her into trouble. “ once slated us as ‘Just a bunch of pretty girls,’ so when I bumped into him in Moscow, I went up to him and started screaming and shouting,” she revealed. “I was pissed and it was pretty embarrassing.” Read more and check out pictures at

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