No Summer Holiday For Marion Raven

Marion Raven

Former star posted the following message to fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (July 2):

After almost two months traveling around Europe, the Meat Loaf tour is now over.
The last show was back in The U.K where it all started. In Bristol Stadium.
I’ve had a great time on this tour. I’ve gotten to play for thousands and thousands of people who never would have heard of me if it was not for this tour. So I’m grateful that I got to be a part of it.

I wanna thank the audience on this tour, they have been so fantastic and really been giving me a shot as an opening act. I have gotten really great response and I have to thank everybody for their kind comments on my MySpace profile.

So what’s up now you might wonder? Am I going home for some good deserved summer holiday? Not this girl, I am sitting in the car on my way back to Newcastle. I will be in The U.K promoting my album that just came out here and going on an acoustic school tour across the country. I’m going to see even more places now and it will be interesting to play for a completely different audience than I have the past months.
(not to talk about the age difference! haha)

Other than that I am excited to get the tour started this summer. I feel that our music will fit together and that her audience will feel a connection with mine. Also feel that I’m getting more and more recognition for my music and I’m feeling that I’m slowly but surely are getting there.

Stayed tuned on the site for more updates. I will still try to write this diary as often as I can, but the days are crazy. So please bare with me :)


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