Noel Gallagher Blasts Liam And Robbie Williams

The Sunday Mail reports Noel Gallagher blew his top over brother Liam after he didn’t show up to the band’s flight from Spain to Milan, where his bandmates signed autographs for fans. “Liam thinks he is essential to the band and that he is above us. He thinks he is Elvis Presley,” Noel fumed. “As far as I am concerned, and this goes for the other guys in the band, he is not one of us. Meeting fans is part of the job.” Noel also took a shot at Robbie Williams. “He doesn’t make music,” he said. “His is a business to make money and sell T- shirts.”

Ms Dynamite Ain’t Pleased About Getting Cut By Robbie

November 23, 2002 – The Mirror caught up with Ms Dynamite after her live gig at London’s CC Club on Wednesday where she spouted off about being cut from Robbie Williams single ‘Feel’. “When I ran into Robbie at MTV he casually said: ‘Oh, didn’t you get my note that I had taken you off the single?’,” Ms Dynamite explained. “And I said no, the first thing I knew was when I heard the song on the radio – without me. I couldn’t believe it. Literally, the first time I heard the song I realized I had been scrubbed out.”

Robbie Planning To Play Guitar On Tour

November 20, 2002 – Radio 1 reports Robbie Williams is planning to play guitar on his ‘Escapology’ tour next year. “Yeah, I taught myself to play the guitar, and yeah I will be playing on tour because I don’t know if you’ve heard – there’s been a redundancy on at my firm just recently,” Robbie said at his press conference in Berlin on Monday (November 18). “And I’ve been pretty much forced to stop being lazy and actually try and do all of it.”

Robbie Is Bucking For Knighthood

November 20, 2002 – The Times of London reports when Robbie Williams was introduced to Sir Paul Lever, British Ambassador to Germany, and apparently the “second most famous person in Germany after the Queen,” Robbie asked, “Then couldn’t you ask your boss if he could arrange a knighthood for me?”

Robbie Snubs Rachel Hunter At Press Conference

November 20, 2002 – The Mirror wonders if all is not well between Robbie Williams and Rachel Hunter when Robbie was asked at the Berlin press conference if he will ever know when he is truly in love. The 28-year-old singer said, “When the love of my life comes along I will tell you.” Meanwhile, Robbie suffered a blow when he was refused a ticket for the world premiere of the new Bond Film, ‘Die Another Day’ at London’s Royal Albert Hall. “Robbie is a massive Bond fan,” a source said. “He thought he would definitely get an invite and was stunned when organizers said they had no tickets left.”

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