Norwegian Pop Artists Devastated After Oslo Bombing & Utoya Island Rampage

Several Norwegian pop artists are commenting on the horrific events that occurred in the country on Friday, where a gunman went on a two-hour rampage on Utoya Island that left at least 80 people dead, which followed a mid-afternoon bombing in Oslo. Among the messages left on Twitter:

Sondre Lerche (@SondreLerche): No end to the sadness I feel for what happened in my country today. Passing on your good spirits to all who lost their loved ones.
Please let’s try and not let these horrific acts of hate weaken our ideals. Let’s stick together #utoya #oslo

Marion Raven (@marionraven): Everything is ok with both me, Andreas and our families! OSLO IN MY HEART!!!
My love and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragic events in my lovely country, Norway. My heart is broken.

Marit Larsen (@larsenmarit): Horrendous events in Oslo today. Can’t stop watching the news. Devastated, but safe.

Kate Havnevik (@katehavnevik): Big bomb blast in Oslo!

Thomas Dybdahl (@thomasdybdahl): Terrible news and pictures from London, our thoughts are with you …

Maria Mena (@mariamena_no): My heart is breaking. at least 80 people killed !! -how, why?! #utøya there are no words.
I’m devastated! i love my country and my heart breaks for everyone involved and
affected by last night’s tragic bombing and shooting in Oslo and at Utøya. please take good care of each other! ? maria.

Ida Maria (@idamaria): pray for #oslo

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