Not All Fans Are Fun For Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter spoke with the New York Daily News about some of his nightmarish fans at Miss Sixty’s ELLEgirl magazine party the other night, including one who pelted him with a used tampon on stage, and some of the creepy older concertgoers. “I have fans that are older women that are, like, fortysomething,” he said. “They know everything about you, and they complain about how you look, like, ‘Oh my God, we like your hair like this, and this.’ I’m like, ‘Shut up, I don’t care!'”

The story at has since been removed.

Aaron Carter Performs For Contest Winners In Anchorage

May 22, 2005 – More than 50 teenage girls, with only a handful of boys in sight, squeezed into a crowded and stuffy pizza joint in a mall on Thursday afternoon to see and hear Aaron Carter performing in Anchorage. The intimate show was organized by KGOT, which held a contest for all students in grades 3-12 to win an acoustic Aaron Carter concert at Round Table Pizza in Dimond Center. More than 1,100 entries poured in — an overwhelming amount from West High, where winner Mary Tesche is a student. “I don’t win a lot of things,” she told The Anchorage Daily News. “I’m still in shock!”

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Aaron Carter Chats With

May 11, 2005 – VIP Celebrity Lounge featured an interview with Aaron Carter, who talked about his new single ‘Saturday Night’, the title track from his new album. Carter explained the video treatment, filming at Paris Hilton’s nightclub, transitioning from a child artist to an adult, his dating life, and more. Carter also revealed that even though he was 14 years old, both Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff wanted to have a ring on their finger. The site has since shut down.

Aaron Carter Talks About Marijuana Use

April 30, 2005 – Aaron Carter was featured on ’20/20′ where he talked about his marijuana use. “Well, I mean, now a days, you know, I’ve grown up in this industry and being young, I just — sometimes, you know, you try things,” Aaron reasoned. “Sometimes you don’t like it. But I know that I’ve made mistakes.” Carter admitted he “tried it a couple of times,” but said he’s drug-free now. As for the photos that ran in the National Enquirer, Carter said, “Yes, but it was just — like I said, it was just a hard, hard time for me.”

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5 thoughts on “Not All Fans Are Fun For Aaron Carter

  1. Fairycute7 says:

    This kid is an idiot. I met him when he performed on Regis and Kelly at Disney World last month and he was soooo UGLY and soooo *****Y!!!!! I can’t believe Hilary OR Lindsay dated this retard.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    especially the fans that forgot about him. “including one who pelted him with a used tampon on stage,” that was more than likely NOT a fan aaron.. but why don’t you try telling nick about these girls? he’ll be a big brother and beat them up for you!

  3. Smile says:

    The people that pick on him for his hair, need to calm down. He’s right about that. But hey, every celebrity gets that. I’ll see Aaron on Saturday when he’s here for a concert. I’m looking forward to it.

    Aaron was acting weird that day. I think you met him at the wrong time…’, ‘I watched him on TV and he didn’t act like he normally does. He was having a bad day for whatever reason.

  4. PopLover says:

    Hey You Guys Should NEVER Talk Bad About Celebrities BEHIND THEIR BACKS! Imagine Your Best Friend Talking Bad Behind Your Back! If Something Bad Comes Out From Your Mouth, Do Not Say It. If It Is Something Good, Then Say.. So STOP Picking On Aaron And Other Celebrities! They Have Their Own Life, For God’s Sake!!

    I Am Trying To Get Justice Here!! There Are NO JUSTICE Against Aaron.. But There Are Justice To Other Singers!! What Crap Is That! You Guys Are Just Plain PREJUDICE! Get A Life.

  5. CarterGirl769 says:

    Hey, I watched him on TV too, and I thought he was acting really STRANGE too. I was like wtf is going on? He acted really like…*****y…and out of it kind of. He sounded AWFUL when he sang too, which he normally sounds pretty good, i’ve seen him in concert like 10x.

    I went to that free Radio Disney Aaron Carter jingle jam concert back on like Dec. 31 in Boston and there was this woman there that was like 40 and she was screaming the whole time and freaking out, I was seriously like WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!! It is so freakish when older women like him…he’s my age-17!!!!!! Weird!!!!!!!! That tampon thing is GROSS too, who does that?

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