Not Many Trust MTV On Video Music Awards

Our latest poll asking if you believe the nominees and winners of the MTV VMA’s are fairly voted upon, 53.2% said “How can we when we don’t even know who votes?”, while 23.6% said “Geraldo Rivera should investigate”, 17.8% said “The record co. that pays Viacom the most wins”, and only 5.5% said “I’m sure whatever MTV is doing is fair.”

To be fair to MTV, the press release says as follows:
Ballots for “The 2002 MTV Video Music Awards” were sent out to an exclusive industry group and viewers who determined the nominees for the telecast. Approximately 500 viewers and individuals representing record labels, music journalists and video producers, selected the nominees for awards categories encompassing such wide-ranging contemporary music forms as rap, dance, R&B and rock. Ballots are cast by fax and mail. Duplication is avoided through a special control number assigned to each ballot, which can only be tallied once.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP is the official business advisor of “The 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.”

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