Not-Quite ‘Perfect Man’ Suits Hilary Duff

Tom Long of the Detroit News reviewed Hilary Duff’s new film ‘The Perfect Man’, as the 17-year old faces the big question what is next for a teen queen who primarily appeals to kids. Long writes, “‘The Perfect Man’ seems to answer the question with a resounding ‘stay the course’. Duff does not don a writhing snake and dance to hip-hop grooves in this movie. She doesn’t shoot anyone or any drugs. No major political statements are made. And yet ‘The Perfect Man’ does move Duff’s career forward. It is undeniably the most mature film she’s made (which, admittedly, isn’t saying much), and if it’s still something of a formula teen movie — cute guy, kids fixing parents’ lives, spunky sidekick, darling outfits, etc. — it also touches on some issues outside the formula.”

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