‘Now Or Never’ Is Brilliantly Heavy

Contributed by elgato:

Emedia.com’s Yushaimi Yahaya reviewed star Nick Carter’s album ‘Now or Never.’ Yahaya said, “The first song, ‘Help Me’, got me a bit dumbfounded. Had I erred by putting Bon Jovi on instead of the former Backstreet Boys stalwart? Or was it Bryan Adams? Nope. I had the right CD. I joke not. He does sound like Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams almost throughout the album, his ‘new’ raspy and crispy voice obviously fooling me. Maybe, just maybe, he has reached puberty. But whatever hormonal change he has gone true, Nick has jolted many with this album.” Yahaya was surprised at how impressed the industry is with the album saying, “This is a happy pop-rock album that has proved skeptics wrong. Nobody thought MTV would give him a chance, but we all know that the songs from this album are riding high.”

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