NPR’s ‘World Cafe’: Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple 'Extraordinary Machine' publicity photo

dropped by NPR’s ‘World Cafe’ to discuss her latest album ‘Extraordinary Machine’ and perform ‘Get Him Back’, ‘Oh Well’, ‘Sleep to Dream’, ‘Better Version of Me’, and ‘I Know’.

On guitars playing a back seat to keyboard sounds on the album and that being unusual these days, Fiona said, “I guess so. It wasn’t like a on purpose thing, it’s just I don’t know. I think my voice doesn’t really go well with guitar.”

On how her composing takes place, Fiona said, “I think that most of the time, I don’t really sit down and try to write songs. I don’t really think about it. I think over time, over a long period of time, certain words and phrases just catch my attention and I just roll them around in my head. I do a lot of walking, and most of the time the words, something will start in my head, and then once it gets to the point where there’s one verse in my head, then I’ll sit down at the piano and I don’t know, it just kind of happens.”

Asked if she had hip hop influences growing up, Fiona said, “Oh yeah, sure. Most of the kids that I hung out with really liked hip hop a lot. I’m not too knowledgeable about music of any kind but I had a lot of hip hop playing around me all the time, so I mean there’s no way it could not have influenced me.”

Listen to the interview and performances via below the cut.

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