*NSYNC Anaheim Concert Photos

WireImage.com has photos of from their concert Monday night in Anaheim, California. The reportedly newly single Justin Timberlake is sporting a shaved head again, as we reported yesterday. The American boy band are on tour in support of their third album ‘Celebrity’. Check out the pictures here.

Chris Kirkpatrick Talks With AJ’s Playhouse

March 12, 2002 – AJ’s Playhouse of channel 93.3 spoke with *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick as we reported yesterday. The clip is now online and Chris talks about the band’s addiction to the video game Halo, he also revealed plans for Justin Timberlake to do a solo album, and Lance Bass going into space, which will cause the band to take at least a couple of month break. Chris says there will be a new album out next year, and that the band is open to work with anyone.

Stars Come To See

March 12, 2002 – Contributed by KKtwins: At the last night’s *NSYNC concert in Anaheim, California, I saw Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child, pop singer Samantha Mumba, Olympian figure skater Sasha Cohen, Trevor from O-town’s sister, choreographer Wade Robson, and the girl in Lance’s movie ‘On The Line’ Emmanuelle Chriqui. It was a star packed show and *NSYNC’s performance was amazing!

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