*NSYNC & Backstreet Boys Sick Of Comparisons

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In the past, both major pop groups the and have said how sick they are of comparing.

Recently, photographers caught JC Chasez (*NSYNC) and Nick Carter (BSB) talking, and then gave an interview. They both said that they’re sick of people comparing the groups, of extreme fans who think that you can’t be a fan of both, and the name-calling. JC called it ‘Immature’ and Nick called it ‘stupid’.

Both groups, major journalists recently said, have their own style of music. *NSYNC is more R&B, while BSB have always angeled towards the more rockish sound.

And, although both groups have their own share of sales, NSYNC’s 4 (Classic Christmas, *NSYNC, No String Attached and Celebrity) albums have garnered an incredible 31 million copies and Backstreet Boys’ 5 (European 1995 release of debut album, 1997’s “Backstreet’s Back” in Europe and the 1997 release of a different debut album in the US, along with their world-wide releases of Mullennium and Black and Blue) have sold an incredible 70 million copies. “Nsync’s success has been mostly in the last couple of years, which is why fans are quick to point out that they are more successful than the original boy band of the 90s, the Backstreet Boys, however the Backstreet’s sales have been over a course of more than eight years.” One journalist said.

Both members insist that there is no competition. is working on his debut solo album and getting a new *NSYNC album worked on, while Nick Carter is working on his second solo album, two movies and the Backstreet’s next album. Both members have written quite a few songs for the groups’ next albums, and both are expected to drop sometimes next year.

Again, both JC and Nick are “really sick of the stupid gossip and comparisons. It’s pathetic when fans can’t respect everyone in the music business,” JC said.

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3 thoughts on “*NSYNC & Backstreet Boys Sick Of Comparisons

  1. erlinda says:

    backstreetboys are the best

  2. erlinda says:

    backstreetboys only second is NSYNC and the last is Westlife

  3. kathy says:

    BSB iS the best of all boybands.if we are going to compare tne album sales of NSYNC and bsb,bsb is still no.1 and very much loved by people around the globe.

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