*NSYNC Buffalo Concert Review

On April 6th, 2002 picked me up with Brandy and Laura in the car already…We drove off and I asked Tiffany if we are going to the arena and she said we were..We got to the arena downtown and went in the back of the arena…There was nothing there (know keep in mind the concert is April 7 we were just trying to find and Meet NSync) But anyways…All the sudden Laura started screaming “Tour BUSSES!! TOUR BUSSES..TIFFANY TURN AROUND THERE ARE TOUR BUSSES!!!” They were coming into the arena parking lot. Tiffany almost got us into a car accident because right after the first tour bus went into the parking lot the second one was about to and instead Tiffany drove right in front of it and went into the parking lot. She let us out and she went to go park her car of course we had our camera’s just in case. Both tour buses parked and we walked up to them to see or hear anything. On guy came out and I asked him if NSYNC was in there or if they are in Buffalo yet..He said No NSync was not on the bus and no NSync was not in Buffalo either (remember its about 2pm now)..I asked him if there was anyways he could get us to meet NSync but he smiled and walked right onto the bus..We then walked away and ran to Tiffany’s car. We went right back into the back of the arena to see anything but no again..We did ask somebody but she said all the van was..was the Food truck..(LOL)…As we are cruising downtown we stop at a red light blear*N NSync music and all the sudden Tiffany starts screaming “OMG OMG OMG!!! I new NSync was staying there I knew it!” (I’m not going to say what hotel because it’s our lil’ secret” We immediately drove there and walked in..There were sound people there sitting on the couch reading the newspaper…We sat next to him and asked him if he new anything about NSync..Of course he did so we tried to get as much information out of him as possible. All the sudden some guy comes up to him talking about how NSYNC was in Chicago and waited to eat. But didn’t know where. So the guys we were talking to called up some Justin person and asked what was going on and stuff with NSync..These were his exact words to that Justin person “O yeah..Tell Justin that there is going to be a girl waiting in his hotel room tonight” meaning me because I love Justin..I started flipping out so bad..We talked to him for a bit more and he left..He was also a big pervert..

Now it’s around 3-ish and We headed to McDonald’s because since had to go to work at 5pm we wanted to get something to eat. So we were there and talking about what if NSync walked in and we were just talking about NSYNC so much..After we were done we went to Tiffany’s house and she had to pack..(Also when we were at the hotel we booked a room because we new NSync was going to be there) After Tiffany packed she dropped us off at Laura’s house and we had to sit there for 5 hrs. I swear it was the LONGEST time I ever hand to wait in my whole entire life. But we made good use out of it … Ok Skipping 4 hrs…

Now it is around 10:30pm got out of work and picked us up…We screaming and blaring Nsync..We couldn’t wait anymore to get there and find NSync..We got there finally after 15-20 minutes..We ran up to the hotel room and put all our stuff in there (When we were at Laura’s house me and Brandy made lil’ NSync card we would give the card to who ever looked like they new NSync–um..They were like business cards) It had out room # on it along with our seats at the concert..Now it’s about 12ish We were sitting in the lobby talking about NSync..then we were just standing there and this 2 girls go up to this guy and asked to get a picture with him and we were like who is that and Laura goes “that’s Joey’s dad..I know it is..He is him..I know it!” Nobody wanted to go up to him because we weren’t for sure if it was him or not..But Who ever the guy was walked out of the hotel and the 2 girls sat down..Again nobody wanted to ask the girls who that was so i had to..(Not like it was a big deal because since I went to 4 other NSync concerts I’m about to made my self heard now) and I asked If that was Joey’s dad and they said yea so we said thank you and ran out to find him..and what do you know he is walking to his car along with a couple other people.. (We overheard he was going to a club) So we asked him if we could get a picture and so we all did..When we ran up to him he was like “Pictures, Pictures, fans, fans!!” lol it was funny..we were so happy we got a picture with him..After he left Brandy was like “guys we should have got an autograph!!” We didn’t even think about it because we were in shock..

Now it’s around 2am and we are standing inside the hotel lobby doors waiting for NSync..(We also sat right next to NSync’ bodyguard and watch him get drunk it was funny!!) But all the sudden security starts taking out these long red ropes (the kind they have in movie theaters to hold back a crowd) But we were standing there waiting for NSync one car stopped and people came out we were hoping it was NSync but nope..then again..then again..Then all the sudden a big tour bus pulled up..Laura started crying as so was Brandy i couldn’t cry because all the times I was crying Laura said “Suck it up for NSync!!” and I don’t really no about Tiffany because I wasn’t standing next to her..But all the sudden Joey walked in and everyone started screaming including myself..I couldn’t really cry yet but i was..he waved and walked away..Then the god and love of my life walked in..I started crying my eyes out screaming and doing anything I could possible for him to notice me..(Laura told me later she had to hold back the bar thing because I was about to make it fall..lol) and Justin wasn’t really taking a lot of pictures he waved tho but walked away..b4 he walked away completely I screamed his name really, really, really loud and he turned around and looked at me and smiled..then he just kept walking..I was crying so hard..Then Chris walked in..he smiled , and waved but he didn’t look to happy (later I found out Busta died the day before so he was sad) and then Lance..he came very close to us but the security guard told us try not to scream because Lance had a headache So we tried to be as quiet as possible and he walked like 4 feet in front of us and smiled..He especially looked at us because Brandy was crying her eyes..I swear I thought she was about to jump over that thing….About 2 minutes later the bodyguard were saying “ok the show is over go up to your rooms..” Laura started crying her eyes out even more because she wanted to know where was JC and she was mad as anything..We got on to the elevator and everyone in there was saying “Don’t cry..aww” and yet we still did..We were in the same elevator as NSync’ tour manager and I asked her where was Jc and she said he was still in Chicago with his parents..As Laura cried even harder..we got out and there was security on our floor they told us to immediately go to our rooms.(Later we also found out Joey was staying on the same floor as us) .So we did..We got in as I cried on the bed..Laura Cried next to the other bed and Brandy cried on the other bed as well..Tiffany was talking to these 2 girls..Around 3:30am we went on 4 other floors to try to see if the ice machine was working finally it did..and we got back onto our floor as someone was there in front of our door..he came over to us and asked us if we were the girls from room 719? and we said ya and he was with NSync and asked us if we were over 21 because if we were then we could go down to NSync’ party they were having and I got to touched the backstage pass he had on :-) I asked him if there was any ways he could get us to meet NSync and he said if we wanna meet NSync they were down in the lobby having the party and we needed to stay calm and not cry because then the bodyguard wouldn’t let us meet NSync.

We went down to the party (were it was) we sat there and kept looking into the party (because there was a gate) … Now its around 5:30am and finally we went there one last time and as I was going back to the table..Tiffany goes “You guys I was just behind Chris!” and we all started flipping out and wondering were he was..We saw him heading and waiting for the elevator with some other people along with a bodyguard I was within 3 feet of Chris and I was calm about it and I asked Chris for an autograph but the body guard pushed me aside and said “Move back..!!!” So I moved back and stayed there I asked Chris again and he looked at me and walked into the elevator (He smiled) Then as we stood right by the elevator waiting for any other NSync’er to pass by I was talking to Laura..All the sudden I looked right behind Laura and Joey was right there just standing there talking to someone and he was within 1inch of Laura..I was speechless I was like “ah..um.. Joey??” But really quietly and Laura had this face expression like “OMG who is behind me ??” As Joey walked away I was like “JOEY!” and he took 4 girls up his room..

Immediately we went to bed because it was 6:am and we wanted to get up early to see when NSync was leaving..(Also when we saw Joey and Chris we waited a lil to see if anymore NSync would come out but we found out from the security guard that Justin was upstairs sleeping and Lance was at Niagara Falls and JC hasn’t flown yet) So we woke up at around 7:30am (wow-1 1/2 of sleep) and I took a shower when I woke up and I was off and ready the rest of the girls they were still half a sleep) Around 10am we were out and ready to eat..We went down to the lobby and since we were so hungry we decided to eat there (it was a 5 star hotel) B4 we went we were just sitting there waiting for NSync to come out of the elevators but nothing..We talked again to NSync’ tour manager and she said she could see what she could get about the sound check passes because me and Laura already had them and Tiffany and Brandy didn’t..So Tiffany gave her cell # and how many she wanted) (Later she called and she got them :-D ) As we sat there starving in the lobby about to go eat..Joey’s dad came down and he went to breakfast..We were hungry also so we went there..We didn’t no were we were going to sit but we sat right next to Joey’s dad!! as we eat!!! I heard so much…about NSync mostly Joey tho..

Now it’s around noon and we got kicked out of the hotel b/c some girls were bugging Joey’s dad So whoever didn’t have a key got kicked out..(Check out time was noon) so we had to get out *Cries*…We sat outside in the freezing for about 2 hrs straight then as we waited for the tour manager to call Tiffany’s cell phone finally rang..She looked at her caller ID and didn’t know who it was she answered it and It was the tour manager!! She got the passes for Tiffany and Brandy!! About 10 minutes passes by and we decided not to wait there anymore because we had to go pick up the passes soon and get everything ready like go buy our shirts and stuff like that) Now its around 3pm and we are in back of the arena and waited for NSync.. we talked to some people and then went right back into the arena to get out passes..We got there were everyone was standing that won sound check passes and everyone else had them except us..(Even Brandy and Tiffany did) and we were waiting and waiting (there was a guy from the radio station that went and picked up our passes) and finally he came with them..

We hurried up and ran to the sound check line b/c they were about to let people in (know its around 4pm) and we got front because of *Brandy* good going Brandy!!! We listened to the security guards make fun of (in words of them) “BackDork boys” and also Britney Spears..(Brandy remember–Britney, Britney I have a dollar!!–Or Britney I have furry handcuffs!!–Lol.!!!!! But then finally they started checking our bags and made us stand in another line and wait about 20 more minutes!! It was making us mad but hey it was worth the wait!

Finally around 5pm they let us into the sound check I was holding onto Laura as she held onto me because we both didn’t wanna faint…The security led us up to the stage (NSync was not on it yet) and we sat there..I was crying But Laura made me suck it up..lol..I called my mom and me and Tiffany and Brandy and Laura sat there in amazement thinking what is about to happen..(by the way we are front row at this sound check remember) All the sudden I heard someone say something I shot up out of my chair and Justin Randall Timberlake is walking right toward us..I mean right there..He walked as I got pictures..he smiled as I cried!! He looked SO hot I mean to the max I mean honestly he looked Hotter then HOT…and Then Chris then for the rest of the guys..Then answered question did “i want you back” blues version then “it’s gonna be be” just sang didn’t dance and then the LOVE of my life walked over and slapped my friend Tiffany’s hand then (I swear I blocked everything else except Justin and me) All I could see was him I swear time stopped..and I looked at my hand and Justin slapped the top of it when he was about to slap my best friend Laura’s I hurried up and grabbed his hand and I grabbed his middle finger..He touched my Justin ring **Smiles** and I have real long nails and I clawed him..Sorry Justin ..Then as the rest of the guys came over and slapped everyone’s hand (only the people in the front row) as we screamed and cried then slowly walked away **Cries* I was about a half an hour long..That was the best half an hour in my life EVER!

Then we cried as we entered outside people looked at us as we just walked and cried into each other’s arms..Finally around 6:30pm we were let into the concert,,,It was the most amazing concert ever!! Just how when they came into the crowd with the cat walk above us..and The must of remembered us because they waved at us..I will never forget that..it was completely unforgettable..

Added: August 27th 2002
Reviewer: Katherine

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