*NSYNC Groupie Explodes

A popbitch.com reader heard from a pal about a rather crude story involving an groupie. The girl “passed out in the band’s hotel suite after too much exertion,” but that wasn’t the end of the story. “The boys left her to sleep it off while they went out drinking,” the writer explained. “She was so twatted that as well as vomiting, she also projectile-diarrhea splattered the entire hotel room, and then groggily tried to clean it up. When they returned they found her passed out and completely covered in her own excrement.” So what did the *NSYNC guys do? “The digital video camera came out, and the resulting scat-fest was watched on the tour bus by band and crew for days afterwards.”

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  1. Fluckneesha Ewebanks says:

    Yeah, right, sure…

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