*NSYNC Is ‘Gone’

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A British reporter known as Irish-Mac reported that ‘they have gotten so much, it’s unbelievable, especially for the short time they’ve been around.’

*NSYNC recently topped off the Billboards by winning everything that they were nominated for, beating out their biggest rivalries, The Backstreet Boys.

The Backstreet Boys have had a rough year, with fellow member AJ McLean, serving time in rehab, but it “has made us the tightest we’ve ever been” said Howie Dorough to TRL. Unfortunately, for the millions of fans of *NSync, they are not.

Lance Bass and Joey Fatone have been pursuing a successful acting career, with their latest movie, On The Line. has recently made his own clothing label, Fuman Skeeto, and Justin Timberlake, reported to be engaged with current girlfriend, is looking forward to married life. As for J.C. Chasez, he will be pursuing his own solo career, in hope that his previous success will lead to future success.

“Although they have so much going for them, they will need a break and a end is most certainly coming their way. It seems so obvious because they are stranding off too many ways all at once.” –Irish-Mac

Gorillaz Blast *NSYNC

December 6, 2001 – Spin magazine talked with Gorillaz about various bands and songs in the January issue including *NSYNC and Pop. Jamie Hewlett groaned, “I thought boy bands had died out. They’re so sh**. Are Justin Timberlake and Britney shagging each other? Is there going to be a live broadcast fo their first sexual encounter together?” Nakamura added, “I don’t know who’s in *NSYNC except for Justin Timberland [sic]. Let’s just say they’re no O-Town.” Hewlett added of the song’s beat-box, “The sound effects are like somebody is on the toilet.”

Billboard’s Recognize *NSYNC With Special Award

December 5, 2001 – *NSYNC picked up a special Billboard Award (along with DMX) for record-breaking achievement this year, for having the most first week sales of an album this year with Celebrity. The band came up to accept the award saying, “Oh, he wow. Ok. We’ll make this quick, of course. You know, Bernie Mac told us to make this quick. So we want to thank God, obviously. Our family, our friends, especially all you guys. Thank you. Thank you to God, definitely for giving us this life. It’s amazing and we’re so glad to make the music for you. The fans, thank you so much because you are the ones that make this. Our management, Johnny Wright, Melinda, Dave, everyone there, Jive Records, amazing record company. And our mamas. We love our mamas. Happy birthday, Kerry. Thank you very much.”

Note: Lance said the first part, not sure who said what after that or who Kerry is.

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