*NSYNC Not In Sync This Year

Contributed by elgato:

called into Open House Party on Saturday (August 23). He talked about his latest single ‘Senorita’ and the DJ asked him about heading back to the studio this September. Justin said that won’t happen and he’ll be taking a break for awhile.

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10 thoughts on “*NSYNC Not In Sync This Year

  1. XTremeKaos says:

    I’m sorry to anyone who may get pissed with what I’m about to say, but it must be said. Why do they always decide to postpone something AFTER the BsB? I wish some *N Sync fans could understand how this looks to the BsB fans. Whether or not it’s the case, it always seems that they postpone something after the Boys do. Or start something after the Boys do. It just always goes like that. It makes you wonder.

    First of all, you need to remove the stick that’s shoved up your ass. Second of all, I wasn’t trying to piss anyone off. I even said so in my post. And if you actually read what I said, you might actually know what I meant. You seriously don’t know what it looks like. I’ve been calling it since like June that *N Sync would postpone their CD. This happens everytime. Always. A lot of people care if BsB get back together, but no one has to question it because everyone know they will. And screw the media. It’s not like they need to be media whores to sell records.

  2. babet says:

    That’s complete BS. BSB have nothing to do with Nsync and their schedule. why do you always have to bring this whole” omg BSB did it and now Nsync did it…..so now they’re copying BSB”. did you ever think that there are other artists that postpone sh!t? BSB must be copying from them too……. face it. nobody cares…..not the media definitely….if BSB will get back together

    BSB taking a friggin break and NSYNC POSTPONING is different. they DID have plans to reunite in the first place. “but no one has to question it because everyone know they will” right. you’re crazy if you believe that. there’s BARELY any media attention towards them. MTV/muchmusic has barely reported anything on them. just even HALF the media Justin’s getting is enough to prove what you’re saying. but they’re close to no media attention at all. you’re one of those fans that ALWAYS have to make BSB look better my comparing them and bringing up the whole “who’s copying who” thing. face it. if NSYNC supposedly suck….you wouldn’t feel so threatened by them so that you have to compare them 24/7. face it. you’re jealous that NSYNC gets more media. in the end…..nsync will always win out the popularity vote. being the first “boy band” doesn’t necessarily make them great……….nsync went beyond anything BSB could ever do. in fact …they started the whole dirrty pop/dance/hip hop thing.

    BSB….haven’t gotten ANY press. so shut your pie hole. Nick is just pathetic……probably sold as many albums as Kelly osbourne and otown’s second flop. Justin….who was the first to go solo….got MAD love. JC released that blowin me up single and got lots of attention there.

  3. elgato says:

    Justin’s realizing he’s been carrying that group. JC can’t get any press. all the NSYNC press was about Justin. he doesn’t want to split the paycheck anymore. haha

    nellysgirl is in denial. check out this thing that was sent to me, and typed up BY NSYNC FANS This little special comes on, where they are interviewing Christina and Justin. The question was to Justin “Is Nsync Nsunk” or something like that. So he answers with no emotion…”We are committed to record one more CD (as in contracted) by the end of this year or beginning of next, now whether or not we’ll even be happy with it to release it..no one knows” Now mind you he didn’t even show any type of excitement about getting back in the group, and he didn’t sound very confident about them even RELEASING the damn thing. pub209.ezboard.com/fjjboardfrm29.showMessage?topicID=10277.topic once again, nellyswhore is in denial

  4. angelgurl12 says:

    This can not be true Justin was really excited about going in the studio with NSYNC in sept I heard him say that in an radio interview. no way is this true.

  5. nellysgirl says:

    LMAO at elgato Justin really said that he’s gonna “live a little” after his tour and write songs for the NSYNC album. once again elgato has made himself look like more of a jackass.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    wah wah wah….all the NSYNC fans ever do is whine….. I find it funny too that NSYNC does what BSB does…..only AFTER BSB’s done it!! ACTUALLY, Backstreet Boys WERE in the studio recording until the negotiations with Jive went sour! THAT is the only reason they aren’t recording as a group, and NO other reason! But you’re right…..BSB don’t need all that media attention to sell records. They have done just fine NOT being media whores! And you know what…..I know I’D rather have the BSB fan base behind me and not the NSYNC fan base….LOYALTY is a HUGE thing that has gotten lost in the midst of change!

    Just cause they don’t get BAD press and press about their personal lives doesn’t mean they don’t get ANY press!! Kevin is getting rave reviews still with Billy Flynn, the other guys get media coverage with what THEY’RE doing. Howie is getting ready to do a concert, and he’s been doing killer stuff with DLF…plus, we know who he’s working with for his solo stuff! Nick has been getting press lately….granted, most of it has been about his parents, but if no one cared, they wouldn’t print it. AJ goes to a club and suddenly we get a press release saying “he was at a bar and DIDN’T have a drink….good job man”….. Sure, they don’t get the media attention NSYNC does…but if they bought the airtime, I’m sure they’d get the attention too!

    And I’VE heard from his own mouth the hints that he wants NOTHING more to do with that damn band…..he LOVES not having to share the light (like he ever did in the first place)…. If you *****es would pull your heads out of your asses for two flippin’ seconds, you’d see it too. They are saying “january” now cause they are under contract to do one more album with Jive, and you know what happens when you go against your contract? $75 million lawsuits being thrown out there……keeping you from doing what you really WANT to do. Therefore, they HAVE to record as not to get in deep like BSB have. Face it, NSYNC don’t have the BALLS to go up against anyone like BSB do. Sure, NSYNC got their strings cut and it was all legal stuff…..but it didn’t take hardly ANY time for it to happen…. BSB have been fighting this for several years now.

  7. Diablo27 says:

    Woah, calm down people. Justin said on Z100 and BLI in New York last week that after the US Justified/Stripped tour he is taking a break. Nsync will get back into the studio in September with the album release sometime next year.

  8. nellysgirl says:

    We are committed to record one more CD (as in contracted) by the end of this year or beginning of next, now whether or not we’ll even be happy with it to release it..no one knows” So then they are making another album. It’s ok elgato no one believed you anyways

  9. Diablo27 says:

    Elgato how can any Nsync fan be in denial about Nsync’s future when WE HEAR IT FROM THERE OWN *****IN MOUTH! Your the one in denial about their future. Would you give it up already. Justin said back in the studio in January. Justin said he wants to take a break to live his life a little bit so he has something to write about in January. That’s what I heard from his own mouth so that’s what I’m sticking too.

    What are you talkin about. Justin wants to go back to Nsync. He loves those 5 guys like his brothers. He would never even think to leave them out in the cold like that. Justin wants to record another Nsync album more than anything that has to do with his carrer. If he wanted to continue solo he would go ahead and start another solo album. But he chose to get back with Nsync.

  10. XTremeKaos says:

    Blah. What the hell is your problem? You think media attention = talent? You have to be completely out of your mind. *N Sync can have all the media attention in the world, that means they’re better? What kind of logic is that? Do you really think that after 10 years a band would stop making music because the media couldn’t give a *****? Whatever. And you act like BsB fans don’t know that the media loves *N Sync. Believe me, we know. And we still don’t care. Because you know what happens when an artist gets a TON of media attention? They start to be really played out. And pretty soon, everyone gets annoyed with it. And then, oops! Where’d they go? Jealous of media attention? Uh…that’s really stupid. You need to open your eyes girl, seriously. If you base your liking of an artist because of their hype, you need some serious counseling. And, you go ahead and try and name something *N Sync did “above and beyond” BsB. Not gonna happen. Go ahead, throw out OPINIONS; I throw out FACTS. I compare them 24/7? You do the same thing. “they started the whole dirrty pop/dance/hip hop thing.” LMAO Ya’ll act like that’s a real genre of music. They do POP. Wow, they got some rappers and a couple synthesizers? Doesn’t matter. It’s pop.

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