*NSYNC Offers Statement On Left Eye’s Death

issued a statement Friday following word that TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes had died Thursday night in a car accident in Honduras. “Lisa was a wonderful person who brought a great energy and vibe when she walked in the room. She will truly be missed.”

Writer Calls On To End It On A High Note

April 23, 2002 – Melissa Ruggieri of the Richmond Times-Dispatch was on hand at Sunday’s show at the MCI Center – and gave out plenty of backhanded compliments before offering the group advice. Amongst her praising remarks: “Return to the road to promote the same album as last summer, thereby squeezing every last nickel from Suzie’s college fund.” As for what the guys should do next, Ruggieri opined, “Perhaps an extended break should be considered after this tour wraps on Sunday. The teen fans can grow up and expand their musical tastes, allowing *NSYNC to reevaluate. But now seems the perfect time to retire this current repertoire. End it on a high note, guys, and be proud.”

P. Diddy Party Tonight

April 23, 2002 – Contributed by justinzgirl82: Hey everyone. There were posters up all over the Ohio State University campus today about a big bash that Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs is throwing downtown tonight. He’s in town opening for *NSYNC who will probably be in attendance. So if any of you are in the Columbus area, get out there and have some fun tonight!

Segal Enlists 14 Year Old Fan To Help Review *NSYNC Show

April 23, 2002 – David Segal of the Washington Post lamented the lengthy run that the teen pop craze has had and in the past has gotten angry e-mails from teen fans of the genre. One such fan, 14 year old Roxanne Shorrock had sounded off on his review of *NSYNC’s ‘Celebrity’ album last year. So for the group’s show on Sunday at the MCI Center, he took her along to bring her perspective of the show. While Segal said of their scaled down set, “The whole production looked kinetic, highly professional and a little silly.” Roxanne countered, “It was great. I love the way their voices blend together, and I loved the way J.C. sang the last note of ‘I Want You Back.'”

Maybe Segal is on to something. He maintains his credibility with the music purists while letting a younger audience have their say… and fun, keeping hateful letters to a minimum.

Fewer Gimmicks From *NSYNC In Philly

April 23, 2002 – Dan DeLuca of the Philadelphia Inquirer reviewed the *NSYNC and Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs concert at the First Union Center on Thursday, blasting Puffy and not having much better to say about *NSYNC’s show. DeLuca says the group “stressed their lineage with a pleasant medley of Beatles and Temptations songs. But just when you thought their taste was good, if obvious, they covered Christopher Cross’ ‘Sailing.’ Yecch!”

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