*NSYNC On Rosie O’Donnell Transcript

*NSYNC was on the Rosie O’Donnell show earlier today where they chatted with Rosie, played a *NSYNC trivia game with fans (*NSYNC won), and didn’t perform. talked about the space trip, they all talked mostly about ‘The Osbournes’, and Justin Timberlake as we reported earlier spoke about ex-girlfriend Britney Spears. Check out the computer generated transcript below the cut.

The transcript generator doesn’t tell which *NSYNC’er is which.

>> rosie: They are five of he most famous boys in the world, and they stopped by in the middle of their tour one last time before we go off the air. Here they are, i love ’em they’re so sweet, *NSYNC.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ cheers and applause ] well, hi, guys. How are ya?

>> That’s all the time.

>> Rosie: Well it’s nice. Whenever you’re here i like to kiss each and every one of you. Now you’ve been here a lot of times. We were trying to figure out how many times you’ve been here. But from the first moment i remember some little girl said to me in year one, do you have *NSYNC? And i thought i don’t know who she’s talking about. And it’s hard to imagine now because it’s sort of exploded. It must have been a big six years for you, too.

>> Yeah. We’re not complaining. We’re having a ball.

>> Rosie: Yeah. Now when you started out together, was this the vision? Did you think —

>> no. Not at all. We actually were just happy to get a gig.

>> Rosie: Right.

>> I mean, you know, we were singing, and everywhere we could sing. Anywhere there was good acoustics we would sing. And now.

>> You guys want to hear a tune, and they thought we worked at the restaurant.

>> We have videotape of news the air port just singing.

>> Rosie: Yeah. Just singing. Anywhere that you could.

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie how much rehearsal time is there now? This tour that you’re on now?

>> This tour has got bubbles.

>> Rosie: Are you watching?

>> Bubbles.

>> I’m the prince of darkness. I can’t have bubbles.

>> Rosie: Isn’t it the funniest sh y you’ve ever seen?

>> It’s totally —

>> we love it.

>> Rosie: I love it, too. And how about when they started throwing food over the fence.

>> He didn’t just throw food he threw a whole ham.

>> Rosie: The mother threw the ham. He threw the log. As he’s throwing the log she comes out and goes no, Ozzy, I’ve got the fruit. Ozzy!

[ Laughter ] as if why would you throw a log when you have a good plum handy, you know?

>> Exactly. Exactly.

>> Rosie: Would you ever think of doing that? Putting cameras in your house like that?

>> No way.

>> Rosie: Me either.

>> What do you mean? Mine would be like a three ring circus.

>> Rosie: It would?

>> I was just recently in L.A. Eat right on sunset.

>> Rosie: Right.

>> And the two children walked in.

>> Rosie: Kelly and jack?

>> And coincidentally i think that the daughter is a fan of ours.

>> She’s been to our show.

>> I was like, the Osbournes are at Mel’s.

>> Rosie: I know. Totally.

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: And what must it be for them? Because they’re such young kids. She’s 16 years old. She’s still in high school. That’s a lot of attention for a little kid.

>> They’ve become celebrities.

>> She’s fairly world think, though. They have a different sense of reality, I should say. But they actually, they’ve been exposed to quite a bit.

>> They’re very intelligent.

>> I’m the prince of darkness.

>> Rosie: Sharon. What about when he said I’m not going to Albuquerque, Sharon.

>> I’m not going to Albuquerque.

>> Rosie: Cut two. Welcome to Albuquerque!

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> it was great.

>> Rosie: It is the greatest show I’ve ever seen.

>> Notice how she sat up on the couch with the dog and he’s like. You know the schedule, you’ve been doing this for nine years. And she’s just —

>> rosie: I know. How about when they’re emptying out the stuff from the back of the car when the mother and the daughter went shopping? And so they make Ozzy get the bags out of Prada. Why are you spending all my freaking money? Sharon, what are you doing? And she goes oh, Ozzy, it’s for your bathroom.

>> And they’re talking about how the daughter has totally caught on, she didn’t even have to teach her that.

>> Rosie: They’re just totally playing this guy for all he’s worth.

>> It’s funny.

>> Rosie: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a funnier show in my life.

>> We should have talked before the show. We’re like all into the show.

>> That’s like free promotion.

>> Rosie: It is. But it is such a great show. Now how long are you going to tour with this tour now?

>> Our last date is April 28th. In Orlando. At our home.

>> Rosie: At hometown.

>> We’re halfway through now.

>> Rosie: Excellent. I’m going to be there your last date. Because you know why? You canceled with the rain in Miami.

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: My son got a haircut for you.

[ Laughter ] we went and got the special haircut and the special outfit and then it was canceled. He’s still, this is how you know you have a spoiled kid. He goes, mom, this is horrible. I said tell me how horrible your wife is. He goes when i had tickets for *NSYNC, it rained. Oh, your suffering, Parker.

[ Laughter ] you didn’t get to see *NSYNC. You poor, poor child.

>> We forgot to put that phone call in to god. Just didn’t work out.

>> Rosie: I’m sure he probably tried to do that. Everything’s going well. You’re doing good. I know you and Britney are friends and you love each other.

>> Well, it’s — yes. We are.

>> Come on!

>> Right, no. You know how the they love to run with any kind of ball they can get. And so, i will say this, I’m not going to comment on anything that the tabloids have said about me. But I will say this, I love Britney with all my heart. And I would never, ever, do anything to disrespect her or degrade her.

>> Rosie: Right. And you know what, honey? You’re both 21. You’re very young.

>> Well, she’s not 21 yet. Well you’re both 21 and 20.

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: You’re very nice young kids. You’re both superstars. Just relax. Don’t read the tabloids.

>> I’m cool. But I’m glad you gave me a chance to say that. I appreciate it.

>> Rosie: Yes, because I know it can be a lot to have to read stuff this icky about you.

>> When it comes through to someone who’s special to you. She will always be special to me.

>> Rosie: She’s a lovely, lovely girl.

>> She’s great.

>> What does that mean?

>> Rosie: What?

>> What did we clear up?

[ Laughter ]

>> she’s a lovely girl.

>> Rosie: We wanted to set the record straight here.

>> We’re straight.

>> She’s cool.

>> Rosie: She’s cool. There you go. All right. Lance, space, what’s happening?

>> It’s cool.

>> Rosie: Are you going?

>> Space is cool.

>> Rosie: Are you honestly going up in the —

>> say it’s cool.

>> It’s cool. No, I’m doing the testing right now. And I mean, yeah, I mean I would love to make the mission. But i won’t know for another couple weeks.

>> Rosie: And what kind of tests do you have to do?

>> Everything.

>> Rosie: Like what?

>> They’ve taken so much blood out of my body and i mean, tested every part of my body.

>> Rosie: Are you going to have responsibilities when you’re up there?

>> Oh, yes.

>> Rosie: Do you have a chore?

>> It’s a very serious thing. You do six months of training where you have to be a pilot. You have to learn how to fly the rockets. I mean, you are a serious, you know, cosmonaut. Up there i definitely want to do experiments about pollution and that type of stuff. So, yeah.

>> Rosie: Do you think you’ll — what’s your chance of getting to go?

>> It’s pretty good.

>> Rosie: How good?

>> Very good.

>> Rosie: Like over 80% chance?

>> Oh, i don’t know about that.

>> Rosie: How about 70?

>> I would say 70.

>> Rosie: 70% chance? That’s unbelievable. When you get up there, promise me you’ll one time go, bye, bye, bye!>>He’s a lot of things I’m going to be doing.

>> Lance bass blast off.

>> Rosie: We’re going to take a break, come back with five crazy women who are going to try to win for the whole audience the new DVD, live *NSYNC

[ cheers and applause ] don’t go away. We’ll be right back. &,

>> Rosie: We’ve got our five audience members who love and know everything about *NSYNC. But do they know more than *NSYNC themselves? Frankly —

>> probably.

>> Rosie: — I think they do. You’re playing to win pop odyssey for the audience which comes out Tuesday on DVD. And you should all know that even if they lose I’m going to give it to you anyway.

[ Cheers and applause ] you ready? Are you ready?

>> Yes!

>> Rosie: How does it feel to be so close to the boys?

>> It feels really nice.

>> Really nice.

>> They’re talking trash.

>> They’re very serious over there.

>> Rosie: But they love you and they’re happy to be standing close to up.

>> What they don’t know is we know more about them.

>> Rosie: All right —

[ buzzer ] question number one. What did Anna Nargona do to Justin when he was 10 years old? Yes.

>> Kiss him?

>> Rosie: Wrong I’m sorry. Going for the steal.

>> I don’t know.

>> Rosie: You don’t know?

>> You say Anna Kournikova?

>> Rosie: No, nardona.

>> Just hit this.

>> Rosie: Yeah?

>> Beat him up.

>> Rosie: No.

>> A girl?

>> Rosie: She beat him on star search.

>> Oh!

[ Applause ]

>> good question. Oh, oh, you mean her?

>> Rosie: Yeah.

>> Oh, I almost forgot.

>> Rosie: Yeah. Well don’t forget that. Question number two. Wherever you are. Lance has a home and a place that combines the names of two states. Where is it?

>> What?

>> What?

>> Rosie: Lance has a home in a place that combines the names of two states.

>> Don’t look at us like that.

>> Rosie: You’re not allowed to answer if it’s you. Anyone? You girls are not *NSYNC fans if you don’t know this.

>> We will. The question’s weird.

>> Rosie: How come i knew the answer.

>> They’re challenging the judges now.

>> Rosie: Go ahead.

>> You don’t know where I have a house?

>> Rosie: Lance go ahead?

>> Laura bama.

>> Rosie: Exactly right. All right, listen. I want to tell you that so far everybody’s losing.

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: Okay question number three. Universal studios theme park in Florida, in which show did joey appear? Yes?

>> The monster show.

>> Rosie: Yes. Exactly right.

>> I’m taller.

>> Rosie: All right. Question number four, again for ten points. When traveling, what souvenir does j.C. Like to steal. Yes?

>> Menus.

>> Rosie: Excuse me but you didn’t buzz first.

>> I hit it first.

>> Sorry Carolina.

>> Hard rock cafe menus.

>> Rosie: All right.

[ Cheers and applause ] 10, 10. Question number five.

>> J.C.’S a crepto.

>> Rosie: Which two members of *NSYNC have —

>> oh, come on!

>> Bert and

>> J.C. And Justin.

>> Rosie: So close. Which have performed onstage while wearing casts?

>> Yes?

>> Joey.

>> And —

>> joey and i don’t know.

>> Wrong!

>> Rosie: Go, go.

>> Justin and Chris.

>> Rosie: That’s right. I think they would know. It’s their life. It’s their casts. Looks like they’re totally beating you.

>> He actually broke his thumb.

>> Rosie: And what did you break —

>> my hand.

>> Rosie: All right. Are you ready?

>> Sorry.

>> Rosie: This is for ten points as well. Lance’s first job was dressing up as —

>> Pofu.

>> Rosie: Why I, a dog named Pofu. Lance, when did you do that?

>> I did that in junior high. It was like barney, but it was a dalmatian dog.

>> Rosie, they just don’t go —

>> excuses, excuses.

>> Rosie: I just want to let you know that there are probably some real *NSYNC fans at home that are probably pretty mad at you.

>> Why aren’t they here then?

>> Rosie: What is Justin’s favorite season. Yes?

>> Summer.

>> Rosie: Wrong. What is it.

>> Winter.

>> Rosie: Winter. Now it’s time for the 25-point bonus qu

>> oh, geez.

>> Rosie: songs on celebrity cd have one word titles.

>> Gone. Celebrity.

>> I’m so nervous right now. Girlfriend. Pop.

>> Dirty pop is two words.

>> It’s pop.

>> And —

>> Rosie: I’m sorry. Time’s up.

>> No! No! Come on! We know this. We know this. We’re just so nervous.

>> Rosie: Carolina. Face the fact you lost. It was selfish the one that you couldn’t get. Hmm interesting. But even though you lost we got you some gifts. Boys, give the girls their —

[ cheers and applause ] we’ll be right back

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