*NSYNC: The Atlantis Concert Announced

will take part in a headlining show at the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island in the Bahamas titled, *NSYNC LIVE! THE ATLANTIS CONCERT. The show will feature not only *NSYNC, but performances by Tim McGraw. The event takes place on November 14th and 15th and will be broadcast on CBS on November 23 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).

Ahead of the concert will be the premiere of The Rugrats Movie. opens the movie with a performance of “It’s Gonna Be Me,” then will pop up during commercial breaks for the special before closing the evening with more tunes.

*NSYNC Expects Quarter-Million Fan Audience Sunday

November 9, 2001 – The Miami Herald reports *NSYNC hopes to draw 250,000 fans for it’s free weekend concert on Miami’s South Beach on Sunday. The show is being staged to help the local economy while raising money for victims of the September 11 attacks. *NSYNC has waived their appearance fee but staging the concert will be expensive. Ten blocks in the area will be cordoned off for the show.

Fametracker Goofs On *NSYNC

October 31, 2001 – Fametracker’s Galaxy of Fame joked about *NSYNC members, quoting them in jest, including Justin Timberlake who says of his cancelled book, “You might go ahead and deduce the obvious — that I was never going to write the book myself, and that I probably was never even going to read the book once some poor anonymous ghostwriter had crapped it out and let my publisher put my name on it, but that’s ridiculous. I would have read it. Or if not read it, I would have had someone read it and write me a two-page summary.”

*NSYNC Plot UK Tour

October 30, 2001 – Worldpop reports *NSYNC have postponed a tour of the UK now which they hope will begin in April 2002. Lance says the band plans on stripping down the flashy shows that were part of the US tour instead being “more intimate, like unplugged in style.”

Bass Blames Bad Scripts On No *NSYNC Movie

October 22, 2001 – The Boston Herald talked to *NSYNC’s Lance Bass about why there’s no *NSYNC movie coming out as he admits, “We went to Cannes to get people’s minds going so a good script would come to our table, but there weren’t any! We don’t want to play ‘N Sync at all and be hired by the government to be spies and go in and get something from Cuba. They were so bad.”

JC’s ‘On The Line’ Scene Cut

October 22, 2001 – Katrillion has details on the secret scene at the closing credits of On The Line which will feature Justin Timberlake and of *NSYNC, but not JC. Chris said, “JC was in Toronto and he was going to be a bartender in the film,” Lance explained. “But his scene got cut and we didn’t have time to shoot it. He was on the set but he wasn’t in it.”

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