Number Ones Revisited (4) – Christina Aguilera

Choosing the lesser of two evils, I would prefer Britney Spears anytime over Christina Aguilera. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but a strong negative aura surrounds and exudes from this singer even before she took on the “Dirrty” persona. Be that as it may, this singer (who has been tagged as The Poor Man’s Britney Spears), DO indeed have the voice – and what a voice! She also have more songs to go to #1 than her archrival (who only have one, and her debut single at that!) – 4 in all. Let’s go back in time…

1. Genie In A Bottle [31 July-28 August 1999] – After “. . . Baby One More Time” hit #1 for two weeks, record companies started to churn out Britney wanna-be’s: Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Hoku, Billie, etc. But the one to succeed in beating Britney was former co-Mouseketeer Aguilera. Of course, we all know what this song is all about. . . .

2. What A Girl Wants [15-22 January 2000] – When this song (with a very unmemorable video) hit #1, all of us somehow felt that Britney will NEVER be able to catch up.

3. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) [14 October-4 November 2000] – One of the most memorable song intros – who can forget those first bars. In the video, we still see a Britney clone though.

4. Lady Marmalade [2-30 June 2001] – In the video for this remake, Aguilera said goodbye to her Britney persona. This is the actual beginning of the Dirrty era. Even though the song and video was populated by the annoying Lil Kim, and Mya as well – ALL of them were lovable in that over the top video. By the way, did I mention that Floptina’s voice there literally drowned the others’ voices?

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