Nyla Probably Won’t Last A Year

Gersh Kuntzman weighed in on the opening of Britney Spears’ new restaurant Nyla for Newsweek online, and he’s not too impressed by Spears’ approach to the project, nor the idea that it’ll attract much of a crowd based on its location. “Britney told the press that her new restaurant is ‘in the heart of the city,’ but somebody should’ve actually done more than look at a map of Manhattan and stick a pin in the geographic center,” he said. “After 6 pm, that neighborhood feels more like Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery than a bustling bar crawl. And on weekends, the only people walking around Midtown are tourists who don’t realize that the Museum of Modern Art has moved to Queens.” Kuntzman doesn’t give Nyla much of a chance, predicting it will close in about a year.

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