O-Town… All Or Nothing?

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It was during Carson’s Countdown and while going to a commercial break, I believe it was, he said, “Devastating boy band news up next.” Sure enough when the show returned from commercial this is what was said, “ has sung their last song as a group,” and that “When speaking to J Records today, they confirmed that their relationship with O-Town has been cut off.” He then went on to how ‘O-Town’ sold 2 million albums and ‘O2’ sold only 200,000. “…Possibly because the band members decided to write their own songs.” He then went on to make fun of them some more and said, “I leave you with some heartfelt lyrics from O-Town…Is it all or nothing at all, there’s no where left to fall when you’ve reached the bottom its now or never.” And then he said, “I will try to recover from this.”

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10 thoughts on “O-Town… All Or Nothing?

  1. ballersfantasy says:

    They were practically put together, so its no surprise they didn’t last. For crying out loud Lou Pearlman was behind them. Now that I think of it, the only O-Town song I know is ‘All Or Nothing.’ I love that song.

  2. Dancer4Life says:

    Oh, well, O-Town sucked anyway. Basically the whole time they were successful was on ‘Making The Band’ and after that went off they became like nobodies once again. That show was the driving force for them.

  3. MariahsMan says:

    O-Town wasn’t all that great, but it wasn’t necessary for Carson to make rude comments. His career isn’t exactly the greatest either.

  4. Smile says:

    A lot of groups have broken up the last few years. Five, LFO, C note, and now O-Town. BSB, Westlife, and Nsync are really the main ones left. I’m not really an O-Town fan, I’m indifferent, but that was rude of Carson. He needed to keep his mouth shut.

  5. millagrrl says:

    Carson tries way to damn hard to sound all smooth and cool when in the end, as always, he ends up looking like a fool. As for O-Town, well, not really surprised there. They were the pinpointed definition of a manufactured group and fit the category of speculations behind manufactured groups: they never last!!! And they proved that theory right. They never really made a mark so it’s not a tragedy to the music industry, I don’t think. They did have some good songs though, I will give them that; they weren’t bad, they could sing; well most of them.

  6. muzik_luver says:

    Yeah well Lou Pearlman was also behind Backstreet Boys…*NSYNC…LFO…not just O-Town….and they weren’t ‘put together’ just for the fact of putting a group together…they were all picked because they all have talent. Carson is such a loser….he’s friends with all these people and then he disses them all to make himself look all cool…like he was never the host of TRL…the show that made and supported all these artists…. O-Town are talented and very nice guys. I met them last June and was so surprised to see how down to earth and sweet they are…They actually came out of their bus and sat with me and my friend for a bit after their concert. They do have talent. The only people who say they don’t is the people who don’t know anything about them.

  7. XxmissyxX says:

    Ok you know what?! SCREW YOU Carson Daly!! I hate him so much. I’ll be laughing my ass off when his damn lame show gets canceled. Somebody outta beat the crap out of him…shudder…ok now that that’s out of the way. first of all…i saw this coming with my baby’s O-Town and as a hardcore fan for 3 years, I can accept it and move on. I’m totally gonna miss them…especially since I’ve never gotten the chance to meet them. But I’ve seen them in concert 3 times already and those were GREAT memories of them as a group. I’ll always have my O-Town CD’s to fall back on and think…ah the memories. ::Sigh:: its alright. maybe they’ll find another record label that will appreciate them! to my fellow o-town fans…..its alright, we still luv em!! just think of the fun memories you had haha. oh who am I kidding…i wanna scream at them to come back. come back O-Town!~! dammit! lol. I’m psychotic…that’s what they do to me. I’m gonna miss my boys!

  8. XxmissyxX says:

    Thanks muzik_luver….i totally agree with you about O-Town and Carson. Carson IS a loser…a pathetic fool that wants so badly to be liked by everybody. he’s dissed o-town so many times, but whenever they come on TRL he praises them, but speaks about them behind their back. what a coward! LOSER!! Ooh and you’re so lucky to have met o-town and sat with them and chatted. I’m envious. I never got the chance to meet them. that pisses me off because I’m a HUGE fan. oh well! and yes…they are very talented and sweet guys!

  9. CanadaLovesOTown says:

    Even though I heard about this a month or so ago, I’ll still voice my opinion about this. Carson Daly = @$$hole O-Town = Greatness Lol, I know I probably sound really stupid right now, but that’s exactly how I feel. He’s lucky I didn’t hear that, LOL. Yeah, like he’s one to talk; his stupid radio show got cancelled here because it was very unpopular. What did O-Town *EVER* say about him?? Nothing! Carson Daly is right up there with Clive Davis as the people who I seriously want to kick the crap out of, lmao. Canada doesn’t even air TRL…nobody here knows or even cares about who Carson Daly is or what he does. I heard TRL sucks because they rig the show. By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw Carson Daly on the streets selling hot dogs at a hot dog stand in the future. O-Town meant the world to me. They were there for me when I needed them and they’ll always have a special place in my heart that nobody can, and will never replace. They were always doing nice things for people and they are the sweetest bunch of guys I’ve ever known. Who takes the time to do *two* M&Gs, one at midnight, just for the fans because not everyone got to meet them?? In my opinion, and I’m sure people will definitely disagree with me, but I personally believe O-Town has changed pop music for the better. & Who knows?? They could be back as a group in a few years. Ashley has a solo album coming out soon so can’t wait to hear that. I wonder what type of music it is..?

  10. otownfan03 says:

    Carson is such an ass, y does he try to act all big and bad all the time? what a loser. he’s so rude. its like um ok if you don’t like them at least have respect 4 them as musicians. they didn’t do anything to u. and you know what when O-Town comes back, if they do, they should all get together and kick his ass! if they find him of course. He’ll probably be on the streets or something. Because like no one likes him. He’s jacked up anyways. O-TOWN IS SO TALENTED! so don’t go opening your mouth when you don’t know what you are talking about.

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