O-Town Almost Ready To Release New Video

sent a message to their street team with the following message:

HERE WE ARE all the way from EUROPE writing you to say that we are only WEEKS AWAY FROM NOVEMBER 12th and it is driving us up the wall. As the five of us have been performing “These Are The Days” on television shows across Germany, we have finally been given the first actual copies of 02′. TO ACTUALLY BE HOLDING THE ALBUM IN OUR HANDS AND TO NOT BE ABLE TO SHOW IT TO ANYONE IS MAKING US CRAZY!

“These Are The Days” the video is almost ready to be released but meanwhile keep doing what you all do best by requesting the song on your radio stations because EVERY WEEK THE SONG IS GETTING PLAYED MORE AND MORE!! We wanted to say congratulations to Emily our STREET TEAM CONTEST WINNER and we had fun talking with Emily and her family last weekend. We called her from Dan’s cellphone on our lunch break from rehearsals and visited as long as we could before getting to back to rehearsing. It is important for us to let you know that as our STREET TEAM we are always going to share a personal relationship that not just anyone does. You have a more intimate connection with us and we are dedicated to writing you letters at least once a week in order to give you info about the group you couldn’t get anywhere else. All of us are so tired right now because we haven’t adjusted to the time in Germany…especially Jacob. We lay awake all night in our hotel rooms because when it is night time here it is still like 2:00 o’ clock in the afternoon back at home….We are headed to ORLANDO in a few days to start rehearsals for our tour….meanwhile we will keep you posted on when the video is going to drop!!

-Ashley, Trevor, Dan, Jacob and Erik

P.S…..We wanted to send postcards but we bought every single one in BERLIN and still only had about 10,756…..not enough for everyone on the OTOWN STREET TEAM.

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