O-Town Fans Mad At J Records

Contributed anonymously:

Many fans are wondering what has happened to O-Town. Fans are very disappointed that another single has not been released yet and the tour has been pushed back for months. Others are frustrated with what they see is a lack of promotion and support from J Records for the album, singles and the group.

We are aware that there have been some comments from some at J Records that ‘O2’ and the two singles from the album haven’t done well because there is insufficient support from the fans and the general public as evidenced by the chart performances of the album and singles. Fans are telling us that they disagree with that opinion. They believe that the poor chart performance is due to poor promotion and support from J Records and the label’s choice of songs for singles.

Since we have no control over J Records’ decisions regarding their support of O-Town, their album, singles, videos, concerts and TV appearances, and since the Street Team is on a break, we suggest that you express your support for O-Town in a letter to Clive Davis. For more information, visit insideotown.com.

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