O-Town ‘O2’ Review

O-Town 'O2' album cover

Reviewer: Ana Chabolla

I really like the idea of mix some musical genders and specially the way that did, the have Rock, Pop, and a little of Hip Hop. 2 years ago they released their first album called: “O-town” and I think that they really grown up as a group, the O2 lyrics are deeper than the first album, the music really made me feel something.

I have to say that are finally doing their thing. I remember Jacob U. in Making the Band talking about how they wanted to do different music and they are finally doing different music.

Their voices are great and they fill in the songs, they make you feel something. You actually gotta check out this album, and I really wish that the people take more serious O-Town, even if they came out from Making the Band or not, they’ve grown up and that’s what matters.

My Favorite “O2” songs:
1. Craving
2. From the Damage
3. Over Easy
4. Suddenly
5. I Showed Her (Second Single)
6. The Joint

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