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Erik-Michael Estrada was interviewed on an Orlando radio station, XL 106.7 with Chad Pitt about the upcoming August 18th show at Hard Rock Live. When asked if this would be the last show before a hiatus Erik-Michael responded without a pause, “yes.” He said they wanted to “diversify individually.” He also would not comment on the recent engagement of fellow band member Dan Miller. Erik-Michael was on his way to meet up with band mate at *NSYNC’s Challenge for the Children in Miami. Read on for a transcript.

XL 106.7 interview in Orlando with Erik-Michael
(it might not be perfect but its darn well close)

Chad:We talked about O-Town’s Show 8/16 and on the phone with us now is Erik-Michael headed down to Miami Challenge for the Children, How you doing?
Erik:I’m good man, I’m actually on my way down now
Chad:Long time no hear, whats you been up to? Where you been? (laughs)
Erik:I’ve actually been to a little bit of everywhere, I’ve actually been in Orlando for a little bit enjoying the summertime
Chad: So your doing the show it’s the 4th annual child watch it’s like our 3rd year doing this, you’ve been doing it for 4 years its my (chad) 3rd year and again it’s happening Sat. 8/16 at Hard Rock Live and like tix went on sale a couple minutes ago at 5 o’clock
Erik:yep 5 o’clock
Chad:tix are only 19 dollars that’s not bad at all
Erik:no we definitely wanted to lower the tix and um and we want to see the top full and everyone dancing and we revamped the show and it’s going to be a lot of fun
Chad: for those that didn’t go last year and for those who didn’t make it the year before it’s always a lot of fun doing the show b/c all the money raised goes to such a great cause it’s benefiting Childwatch such a great organization that you guys have worked with for a very very long time
Erik:yeah, definitely we have a really cool relationship with them and um and we are just really excited to do the show, bring it back to Orlando you know?
Chad: It’s funny you know cuz word obviously travels fast Ive had people call in asking me about the show before we announced it
Erik:yeah yeah
Chad:they are like “whens the otown show?” I’m like wait a minute I didn’t hear about this. So…
Erik: Yeah I didn’t even know about it I was hearing about it from some fans actually (laughs)
Chad:So tell me about you and the rest of the guys whats been going on?
Erik:The guys and myself have been enjoying the summer and doing a couple of shows um you know Jacob is married so hes been spending a lot of time with his wife and um..
Chad:And I underdstand Dan got engaged. Am I correct?
Chad: You know anything about that?
Erik:um you know Im going to plead, im going to plead the 5th
Chad:come on now!
Erik:I don’t know
Chad:ok go ahead plead your 5th
Erik: you know its none of my business
Chad:maybe could’ve have possibly got engaged, we don’t know
Erik: let me say this the next person to get married in otown will be Dan
Chad: We know its not going to be you, Trevor or Ashley or that only leaves one right?
Chad:process of elimination
Erik:he’s definitely been with her and hes uh been enjoying his time with his lady
Chad: he’s lady yeah ok I gotcha and and as far as you guys been on tour I think with you opened for Nick Carter
Erik: Yeah we did a couple of days with Nick Um we did a couple of our own dates and um theres just so many other projects going on right now theres a lot of focus on diversifying the show its just uh been a really cool summer
Chad:When you say diversifying is it as a group or as individuals? (I personally loved this questions!)
Chad:yeah where does that leave the fate of otown I guess in the future?
Erik:uh otown um we’re best friends um we’re best friends but otown is always going to be otown cuz we’re friends
Chad:so as far as the show on 8/16 what kind of show is it, is it a regular—well I don’t want to call it regular—uh a regualer otown show or is it the kind of show that will probably take a little hiatus
Erik: yes this is going to be the show that’s—we’ve been saying for a while that we wanted to do it in Orlando for a little bit and um and we are going to be taking some time for us but you know we felt fit best to do the show in Orlando and bring it back home before we take a little break
Chad: so 8/16 Hard rock live is the last time you will see otown for awile together one stage, correct?
Chad:yeah cuz I heard some speculation and everyone speculates but its better coming from the source
Erik:totally, yeah no room for rumors in this world
Chad: if you wanna know something go to the source so that’s why I got you on the phone and asked
Erik: yeah you got the source
Chad: that’s right! I got one of the 5.so..
Erik:yeah alright man
Chad: yeah so ill let you go down to Nsync challenge for the children and have yourself a good time don’t get too crazy I know how you get
Erik:man you know me
Chad: haha you got to save that for the after party for the childwatch benefit
Erik:yeah man there is gonna be a lot of after partys going on
Chad:I mean don’t get us wrong we like doing the childwatch benefit show but it’s the after party that we look fwd to
Erik: Yeah the after party is where the story starts!
Chad:after party comes the after party and you know what comes with that!
Chad: well have a good time in Miami and if you wanna see otown 8/16 tix on sale now!
Go shoot some hoops erik!
Erik:alright man I am

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