O-Town Previews MTV Season 3

MTV.com talked to ahead of the 3rd season of Making The Band which now ends up on MTV after ABC dumped the reality show. said of the new season, “Since the first season, it was pretty much that ‘Real World’ scenario where they just put you in the house, you have no say, you just get followed. So now that we’ve been doing it for a while, they’re definitely giving us more control over when we’re getting shot. It’s more of us opening up and showing the fans who we are. It can only be to our advantage when we’re being real. We like those moments when the camera is just there, and they’ve caught us writing music, actually sitting down and writing and trying to be creative while the camera is there, and then recording and having conversations with Clive about the album. It’s gonna be very real. Now that we’re on MTV, we have the opportunity to show a little bit more about who we are in our third season.” Read more.

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