O-Town Says ‘Making The Band II’ Was News To Them

Launch.com spoke with the guys from recently about the announcement that Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs would head a second installment of the ‘Making The Band’ series, something that was news to them. “‘Making The Band II’ was news to us,” said Jacob Underwood. “When we got into this show we had no idea whether it was going to be one, two, or three seasons, or if there was going to be like a ‘Popstars’ thing where there was going to be a new cast every year.”

As for the delay of ‘O2’, Dan Miller explained, “It’s just all about finding that right song. You know, we actually have probably plenty of songs for the album. It’s just that I don’t think we have that one yet–we don’t have the one that will come out and say, ‘O-Town–this is us.'”

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