O-Town Shower Videos?

Billy Masters of Filth2go.com has weighed in on the recent news that the Lou Pearlman backed boyband has split up. He writes, “I’m not sure what the members are doing now, but they could probably make a few bucks off those shower videos that are allegedly in Big Lou’s possession which show off Ashley’s naughty bits.”

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4 thoughts on “O-Town Shower Videos?

  1. elperrosync says:

    We all know that elgato would be the first one to buy a video of the member of O-town taking a shower

  2. rangergirl says:

    Gosh, if this is true Lou definitely should be punished. I heard that Pearlman was sued by NSYNC and also because he was charging people to join his “talent” agency. What a slime bag.

  3. babyface0192 says:

    Lou is an ass he will use anyone he can for money

  4. babet says:

    whoa…. Ashley’s pretty fine. I wouldn’t mind watching it lol!

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