O-Town South Bend Concert Review

Reviewer: Brittney

O-Town, Concert, South Bend, IN 8/4/01

I’ve read so many bad reviews and criticisms about OTOWN, their album, their television show, and their live show… and I’ve yet to understand why. At least the live show part. In my opinion, no one can TOUCH their live show. They pull off the singing and dancing without lipsynching great, and the show’s nonstop, full of energy. There aren’t many special effects such as the ones you find at an or Backstreet show, but their actual raw talent makes up for that. They strum the guitar a few times, Ashley Angel (“the cute one”) accompanies their hit single, “All or Nothing”, with playing the piano, and their harmonies are incredible. I took my 21 year old cousin with me.. a hard core rock fan, and even she was impressed. Mostly by Jacob Underwood (“the rebel”), who is definitely a true rocker at heart.. and that most definitely shines through on stage. However, unlike my cousin, not everyone not impressed with boybands will enjoy the show.. but I do think a great majority will. If you go with an open mind, and open eyes.. there’s no doubt you’ll see where I’m coming from. Even if not your “type”, they get the crowd hyped, and they’re enjoying themselves.. something you don’t always see in artists’ eyes today. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances I missed some of the show, though there the whole time, but what I saw was definitely great, and my two best friends who joined me and didn’t miss a moment thought it was even better. And though it still may not be convincing, this being written from a teen girl’s point of view, it more and likely will automatically be considered bias and lack of taste due to the “teenybopper” stereotype, but .. one of my two friends went to the concert rather skeptical, and came home .. though not the biggest, definitely, a fan. :)

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