O-Town Visit TRL On Wednesday

The guys from stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere their new video for ‘These Are The Days’, the first single off their upcoming album ‘O2’. Ashley Angel surprised a fan outside and later the guys talked about how much a relief it is to not have cameras following them everywhere they go. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Thank you. A shot out, a video that’s at 9 “sk8er boi” with
T.L.C. Times square has been packed all week and quddus is out there now.

Quddus: Yeah, carson what’s up chili, t-boz a lot of fans out here payin’
respect to left eye showin’ you a lot of love and also a lot of o-town
fans I’m wit one now ashley. What do you like best about o-town, why do
you like them so much?

Fan: I saw them in concert over the summer back in california where
i live and they have so much energy and they were so great and ever since
then I’m in love with them.

Quddus: Who is your favorite member.

Fan: Ashley, of course, definitely.

Quddus: If he was here right now were would you say to him.

Fan: Every since i saw him in concert and he held my hand and sang to
me i was wondering what does he look for in a woman.

Ashley: I tell


Ashley: I look for a girl


Ashley: That’s got a great personality, a great smile.

Fan: Oh, my god!


Ashley: And she’s definitely got a great smile.

Quddus: Why don’t you two kids head up to the studio and while they
do we’ll take a quick recess


Carson: At home turn the T.V.S down this will get loud. We have watched
their careers unfold on national T.V. Took a break and recorded a second
album and are here to talk about say hi to o-town


Carson: Come say hi. Come say hi


Carson: Good to see ya come over and say hi real quick to new york the
girls have been out here since 8:00 A.M. To see o-town. It is “spankin’
new music week” and they want to give them a dance all right that’s enough.
What’s happenin’ froms? Good to have you guys here


Carson: Look at them. Look at them they didn’t forget

O-Town: Praise the lord.

Carson: That’s funny. The guys have been very, very busy ladies, ladies


Carson: The guys have been in the studio we need to talk about this
record it’s very, very important that we talk about this record


Carson: They haven’t forgot, though, right. Was there a moment in the
studio, going, man not a comeback but this album i know for a fact is very,
very important to all of you. Tell me a little bit about why ’cause you
already went double platinum the first time out but you had a pop thing,
a T.V. Show, pre-conceived notions about your music. Huh something to prove
with this one didn’t you?

O-Town: “Makin’ the band” was greatest opportunity for us to get our
faces out there and build our fan base and work with clivedavis, when it
went away that was the transition for us from T.V. Personalitys to artists.
And we wrote half the album, we are very excited about


[Applause] Cheersz.

O-Town: And it’s got depth to it and you know we are just excite about
it all the way around we feel really, really proud.

O-Town: Ashley!

Carson: That’s right. The album is out tuesday


Carson: Tell us quickly how some of the creative process worked. You
guys all get together the five of you, play a couple cords on the guitar
think of lyrics does it work like this or how does it go down.

O-Town: We all went down to santa monica, california chillin’ on the
beach and really just kinda got away like really rejuvenated ourselves.
We were just takin’ time, seein’ family and friends and like just doing
that, uhm, set us up like just inside to get ready, get the music out,
write, we wrote with each other, we wrote with other producers and i mean
it was just that — just that energy we got from stepping away for a second
then comin’ back that gave us the drive again


Carson: Very good. Let’s do a bit of this video. We have just a look
at o-town’s first video from the album o-2 “these are the days”.

O-Town: I got to make a dedication to her on her birthday today happy
birthday mm here is a first look at our video “these are the days”

Carson: ‘Sorry. We are on ha-ha. That was o-town “these are the days”
just bit for you ladies out there a shot out to mar roone 5 we were just
talkin’ about this band.

O-Town: Mar roone 5, this band we both love. Where is jill, jill, she’s
got a question, there she is with the hat over there hi jill


Fan: Are you guys psyched the cameras aren’t following you around anymore.

O-Town: Yes!


O-Town: Yes!

O-Town: We are free.

O-Town: This is our first fall like october/november that we’ve been
together and not been on camera so we are just excited as all heck!


Carson: Have you seen any of P. Diddy’s “makin’ the band”.

O-Town: Yeah. I’ve caught some of it and it’s been difficult because
we are never around a T.V. But of course we are excited to see it. Our
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was to work with clive davis and this new
talent will work with P. Diddy.

Carson: What would o-town have sound like with P. Diddy in charge


O-Town: Uh-huh yeah uh-huh.

Carson: You if wouldn’t mind I think it would be cool if you took a
picture with jill on our big camera would you mind.

O-Town: Of course.

Carson: Jill good on over there. O-town, everybody their album is out
next tuesday the 12th we got to take a quick break when we get back we’ll
bring out the girls of T.L.C. And get to the world premiere of their first
new video in over three years we’ll go out to times square and watch it.
That’s comin’ up and the rest of the top 10, thanks to o-town.

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