O-Town’s Last Show

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The last show, in Orlando, was bittersweet for O-Town fans. After long hours of standing in line and standing through various opening acts, like AJ Gil and Gotti 13, O-Town finally hit the stage with ‘The Joint’. The high energy song got O-Town fans pumped for the following song ‘Over Easy’. They followed up with songs from both the first and second albums. The choreography was off the chain! The show was ended with their smash hit, from the first album, ‘All or Nothing’. As the flawless show came to an end fans broke down at the thought of never seeing their five favorite guys perform on stage together again.

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10 thoughts on “O-Town’s Last Show

  1. Dancer4Life says:

    Hmm…I never knew O-Town was breaking up. Oh, well, it’s not like they were good anyway.

  2. pinky411 says:

    As a fan who watched Making the Band *the original, it’s sad to see these guys go. Not many people believed in them and they proved them wrong with All or Nothing. I didn’t know they were ending as a group which is sad. But maybe they’ll take on solo careers

  3. Britneyforever says:

    they are such a great band.i love that song all or nothing it makes me cry every time I hear it…. I’ll miss you guys.

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I’m glad they’re kaput!! They were a joke from the beginning…..the CHEAPEST Backstreet knock off of all seeing how they were a made for TV band.

  5. Stallion says:

    Pretty soon the Backstreet Boys will be doing there last show and once the show is over than everybody is going to celebrate. I know I will. Backstreet Boys are over.

  6. Kizzardkid says:

    It’s still kinda sad, I mean if they put on a really good show and they still have fans, Why are they breaking up? I know they aren’t that good of a group but they can at least sing, I guess. lol.

  7. Diablo27 says:

    I like O-towns music. But did anyone think they were gonna last? O-Town did last for a while, prob one of the longest for any manufactured group. I can see Ashley and/or Dan going solo tho. I hope Dan does because he’s the most talented one in that group.

  8. Stallion says:

    I agree Dan is talented. I feel bad for them I know that they wanted to become more than a boy band and wanted to impress people by writing and composing the music on their second album I just felt bad for them when it flop.

  9. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    you boyband fans are *****ing funny you admires this puppets for taking their clothes den you guys will scream until your lungs are over you *****es should appreciate what real music is

  10. justanotherbtch says:

    oh hell no, I hope you don’t call talent Britney spears then, listen to her first album, she sounds like a *****ing robot with a plugged up nose. real music is Nsync or Justin Timberlake, get it straight dumb ass.

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