Obligation To Choose

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Why do people feel the obligation to choose between and and Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC? Why can’t people be fans of all of them or some of them?

I never understood how people have to be just a fan of one person. Personally I like Britney, Christina the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. I mean yes, I prefer some over the others, but why do people need to constantly shoot down people’s comments about them. Yes, people are allowed to make comments as it’s a free world and all that crap, but it just comes across as stupidity.

“Britney’s a slut, Britney’s a whore, Britney’s a skank”, it’s all that’s ever posted about her. What about the good stuff she does? She has a charity that helps out children who want to perform, she’s a role model to many and an entertainer. Now I agree, Britney doesn’t sing live 90% of the time, but she does put on a spectacle. She’s being regarded as an entertainer not as a singer. There’s a major difference between the two.

can be defined as a singer more than an entertainer. Her voice is outstanding, and that’s what she relies on to sell records. She doesn’t need all the “sexual innuendoes and acts” to get ahead of the game. Her voice alone will sell the records, however she’s trying to change her image to sell more, and who cares, that’s what she wants. Christina also gets classified as a “skank, whore, hoebag”. However she also does charity work and helps people out.

Why can’t people agree to disagree. It’s very frustrating to constantly have fans bickering about Britney and Christina. They’re not in the same league. Britney’s an entertainer, Christina’s a singer.

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