Official ‘Me Against The Music’ Worldwide Stats

Just thought you might want to post some official charts for ‘Me Against The Music’, go to (yes, its a site but it links you to to the worldwide charts and you can see where Britney Spears is on each).

Argentina – 4
Australia – 1
Austria – 12
Belgium (Flanders) – 26
Belgium (Wallonie) – 16
Brazil – 14
Colombia – 13
Croatia – 8
Dominican Republic – 1
Estonia – 17
Hong Kong – 2
Italy – 2
Ireland – 1
Israel – 2
Japan (Foreign Airplay) – 1
Japan (Foreign Charts) – 1
Japan – 12
Mexico – 22
Netherlands – 7
Norway – 2
Peru – 26
Philippines – 1
Slovenia – 19
Spain – 1
Switzerland – 4
UK – 2
USA – 44

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11 thoughts on “Official ‘Me Against The Music’ Worldwide Stats

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I’m not knocking the girl. She’s doing well, but why is she doing better in other countries than here. Most places she’s like TOP 25, here she’s not even TOP 40. That’s just not right.

  2. angelM says:

    She seems to be doing pretty good in Europe and Asia. She’s number 1 seven times though and I can’t believe she’s 44 in USA > But Europeans love anyone, don’t they?

  3. socram says:

    She’s # 6 in Mexico!

  4. Whatomat says:

    The US charts are weird, and the singles market doesn’t really exist

    Wow Britney is kicking ass worldwide… Keep in mind that the reason her US charting is so low is the fact that US doesn’t really have singles market so the chart are a mix of airplay and single sales,,,,which favors R-n-B and Light Rock more than straight pop or dance music….Album sales are the only really important thing in the US By the way she is also number 1 in Denmark and according to trend charts she could break the top 2 in Germany, the world’s second biggest market for western pop next week!

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    ^^Do they actually market singles sales in other countries because I know there’s been a few times where a song that I really like on the radio is by an unknown artist and I don’t really want to buy the whole CD, it’s really hard to find stores that even carry singles.

  6. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Guess who’s number one in Peru, Switzerland, Netherlands, and in Belgium. her last name is Aguilera! lol! That’s good Britney is doing well in charts…but she isn’t doing as good as her last album.

  7. Whatomat says:

    Another sad hating ho sticking his pathetic nose where it doesn’t belong.

    ^And ass just wait for Brit’s week 1 US sales figure….I know what Christina sold :-)

  8. breez says:

    Britney’s doing really well and everything, but considering she’s Britney Spears and taking into account her previous singles, this must be disappointing for her.

  9. outrageous4u says:

    amusicfanofsoul is pathetic you sure follow Britney’s career closely- you need a hobby

  10. Whatomat says:

    Oh Breez you are such a sad sack of crap!! How the hell is this a disappointment she is near the top or topping all the major music markets worldwide…Nobody does number at one time everywhere, certainly not Christina… And if you are referring to her US chart position, well the US single charts are confusing and inaccurate but I do remember Christina debuted at 62 on billboard and peaked at 48 or 50 with Dirrty…. I did like one thing about your ignorant ass post however,,, at least you admit the awesome star power of Britney Don’t forget you said “considering she’s Britney Spears”””,,,, yeah we all know who she and yes you are right she is the biggest star of her generation,,,,,so true SHE IS BRITNEY SPEARS!!! You Christina fans keep hoping Britney will fail ,,,well don’t hold your breath cause it won’t happen soon.

  11. single_female_lawyer says:

    dude this is “Dirrrty” all over again (please excuse Christina comparison) but shoot it’s just like it… everywhere BUT the US…ain’t that some sh**

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