Ojani Noa Claims He Found J.Lo With Puffy

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On a recent Cristina show on the Spanish network Univision, Cristina’s guest Ojani Noa, who was Jennifer Lopez’s first husband, revealed many things about J.Lo she never wanted the public to know. Including his claim that during their marriage, many people were telling Ojani that J.Lo was cheating on him, yet he never wanted to believe them. Until he got a small anonymous note that told him to go to an upscale hotel room, where he found J.Lo with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs. After that, he said things got bad between them, J.Lo gave him a job at her restaurant and money to keep him hush hush about her affair. That only lasted so long, until J.Lo together with her mother Guadalupe went in the restaurant and fired him. He said he is coming out with a tell all book about J.Lo, describing her bad side no one knows, descriptive flaws she has on her body, her cheating ways, etc. He also showed footage of their honeymoon, where J.Lo is seen walking down a street very poorly dressed in Mexican flip flops, baggy clothes, hair unkempt, hardly no makeup… very unlike the star we’ve always seen. He said he wanted to show that she wasn’t always the diva she is now and she too had her bad days. He also showed not so photogenic photographs of her that he had, that showed her “bad days”. Ojani said he wants to tell the world about his relationship with J.Lo with his book.

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13 thoughts on “Ojani Noa Claims He Found J.Lo With Puffy

  1. Smile says:

    If J.Lo cheated on him, she was wrong. But this is still low of Ojani. The general public doesn’t really have the right to know all these all personal details about Jennifer. He needs to keep this to himself. He is just making himself look like a jerk and a bitter ex-husband.

  2. bzzn6fu says:

    If she cheated on him, if that is the truth, then he deserves to have his side told. Cheating is the worst thing someone could do to someone that cares about them. If that is the truth, she needs to face what she has done.

  3. Carrie says:

    All the dirt is coming out. She needs to start doing some introspection about herself . She hurt Ojani and Chris, they were both betrayed and are bitter and eventually both will turn on her. I’m sure Ben knows who she really is also but since he’s a dirt bag he’s going to keep quiet because she can also do things to him to ruin his life. We all know she’s one of Hollywood’s worst cheaters. It’s unfortunate because I think aside from her cheating side, she is perhaps a lovely person.

  4. Babyphat313 says:

    God, can’t he get over it, ever since he and her broke up a long time ago, he’s been on the covers of tabloids saying “the truth about j.lo” or ” j.lo and me” he needs to grow up, he’s just using her to try to get famous, and he probably cheated on her

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    He’s looking for $$$$$, after she fired him, he can’t find a job, so he’s been doing calendars and selling details about his marriage to Jen. Details which he himself had denied in the past. He’s a poor excuse for a man.

  6. OohSexxy says:

    HEHE…this story isn’t bull because he sold the tape to the E television and I saw it with my own eyes, and as you can tell he does have hate for her because she played him and she’s not the person all her die hard fans thinks she is.

  7. LaBella says:

    I saw it too, who said they were the only person to see it? Since your so up on JLO’s. ass, I’m surprised you never saw/heard of it. Instead of insisting that all these rumors are fake and lies, you need to chill out and quit acting like your in the “know”. Obviously your not, or else you would’ve known about the tape. So, obviously, the article isn’t pure lies ;)

  8. JLOVER101 says:

    Actually I do know about their honeymoon tape and like I said she was walking in the streets of Cuba. Also, like I mentioned to you before there is a reason why you would never catch her looking like that at the Ivy or at Mr Chow’s or at Koi or at White Lotus or at anywhere else. Oh, and another thing, I know a lot more than you could ever imagine, the only thing that I didn’t understand was if that other person was talking about the alleged tape of them having sex, which has never been seen by anyone including Jen and Sean. Alright you dumb b1tch, is that clear enough for you ho?

  9. Shaniqua699 says:

    They showed when she married Ojani at some place which she wore a nice figure hugging dress and she looked happy! Might I say she looked the happiest than in all these other relationships. She was young and in love and the tape went on with their honeymoon. She did look that way but then she wasn’t anyone back then either so she didn’t seem to care. I saw that Christina show too and he seems to want to make J.Lo pay for how she treated him.

  10. Lob Taylor says:

    What a jerk! just trying to make cash not caring who he hurts.

  11. Tracie says:

    Wow, he needs to shut his mouth. Everyone has bad days, who gives a rats ass. Not everyone is perfect, just like he ain’t. He prob has a little dick and wants her to keep hush hush about it. He can hate on her but what he is really jealous about is that she has talent, everyone loves her, and she is rich.. While he is doing what?/ Working at a restaurant, poor, and lonely.. What a life, should have enjoyed it while it lasted.

  12. lyd says:

    This is a country where we can speak our mind so if J.Lo is a cheating chick than she is. Don’t think its fare for him not to continue with his book.

  13. Cecile says:

    He needs to leave her alone! Enough is ENOUGH! Here is a hint for you Ojani Noa, get a job and work in a descent place. Stop trying to bring J-Lo down. If you show pictures of her imperfections we will just love this woman more and more, because that will give us a chance of looking as hot as she does. So quit bugging her.

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