OK!: Brave Simpson In Tears Over Split With Angry, Stubborn Lachey

OK! magazine is painting an angelic image of and her parents in wake of her split from Nick Lachey. The mag, which reportedly has a big money contract with Simpson, says since the split she is “in mourning and has cried lots of tears,” according to an insider. The biased blabbermouth adds that Jessica is “not angry with Nick. They still talk to each other, and she won’t let anybody say a bad word about him.”

Even parents Joe and Tina Simpson are “not dancing with joy” over the breakup. “Her family liked Nick,” a friend said. “Joe and Tina are Baptists and have been married 30 years. They don’t believe in divorce…”

What about Nick? The insider says the star is “very angry”, adding, “The best thing for that relationship would have been for Jessica’s career to bomb because that would have made things more equal between them.”

The source was further critical of Lachey by revealing that “he wouldn’t admit he made a mistake. He didn’t want to admit their marriage was a failure. He was too stubborn to admit they should separate.” But won’t Jessica look bad filing for divorce? OK! stated that “their selfless actions should be admired”, and the source concurred, “Jessica was incredibly brave to end things – respect to her.”

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5 thoughts on “OK!: Brave Simpson In Tears Over Split With Angry, Stubborn Lachey

  1. texassoftballchick says:

    Jessica Simpson is a stupid untalented woman who will do anything to get her way. Nick Lachey is a nobody. OK probably got a ton of money for the Simpson machine to make her NOT look like a total idiot.

  2. galleta says:

    WOW…talk about bias journalism. Who is daddy Simpson paying off to print this crap. For someone so sad there sure are tons of a smiling, flirty woman all around town shopping and lunching. I’m sure she’s sad who wouldn’t be but lets not bad mouth Nick to make yourself look angelic….too late for that she’s already shown shes egotistical, selfish and bratty.

  3. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Yeah, the bias is not obvious. People know that Joe ruined the marriage because of that stupid show. Nick was lucky to get out of it. I hate OK! Magazine.

  4. trinione says:

    I think the reason she decided to end it is because if anyone heard the suppose first single “fired up”, you get the feeling she’s trying to jump on the once brit/xtina skank train LoL and I don’t think it would have been appropriate for a married woman to make a dirrtyish video… but that’s just my opinion… I have a feeling once the fake “feel sorry for me” crap is over, she’s gonna try and whore herself back to the top, I mean without the partner that got you the show that made you famous what else are you gonna do? =P (I dunno why I’m dissing her… I actually think she has a nice voice )

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay, this is becoming pointless and a little ridiculous. They aren’t the only celebrities that have gotten a divorce this year, as for the cause of their divorce, only they know.

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