OK! Magazine Buying Jackson, Simpson Interviews

has sold his first post-trial story to the new, U.S. version of Britain’s OK! magazine for a whopping $2 million, sources tell The New York Post. Meanwhile, and her father Joe earned a $200,000 fee he negotiated for Jessica’s cover story of the mag’s first issue. “It’s like he is selling his daughter out,” the source said of Joe. “She’s everywhere, and people are getting sick of her, but he doesn’t care because he’s her manager and they are making money.”

Fox News Chats With ‘Dukes’ Stars

August 3, 2005 – Anita Vogel of Fox News Channel caught up with for a ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ press junket along with her co-stars. Simpson also talked about all the paparazzi chasing her, which she says is the “hard part of what I do.” FoxNews.com has since removed the video.

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3 thoughts on “OK! Magazine Buying Jackson, Simpson Interviews

  1. galleta says:

    WOW….some minister. What is his sermon lately “how to whore out you child” how sad

  2. shunny says:

    how is he whoring his daughter out?its not like he’s selling sexual favors on the corner.his daughter is a entertainer.magazine covers are a part of career.promoting advertising.Why the h*ll sould she do it for free?the magazine is going to make money cause she is on the cover.Why shouldn’t she make some too?Makes no sense!Who works for free? and being a minister has nothing to do with this because minsters get paid for what they do too.some more than others but nothing is wrong with that.and further more jessica is a grown married woman now she does what she wants too.at the place she is at in her life now grown and sexxy is okay.

  3. popfan_23 says:

    They don’t seem to be getting sick of her, it seems that they are wanting more

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