Oliver Stone Not Impressed With Madonna’s ‘Evita’ Performance

Though the role won a Golden Globe award, Oliver Stone tells the Express of London the Material Girl might have been the wrong person to play the wife of the Argentinean dictator in Alan Parker’s flick ‘Evita’. “The thing about Eva Peron was she was both a hooker and a saint,” Stone said. “Madonna could do the hooker but she couldn’t do the saint!”

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3 thoughts on “Oliver Stone Not Impressed With Madonna’s ‘Evita’ Performance

  1. divinah says:

    Reality Check 1. As much as I hate The Corpse now, I really think that “Evita” was her best performance ever — I was still a fan back then. 2. Eva Peron was a complex person. It’s hateful to hear sweeping statements that she was “both a hooker and a saint.” This great lady deserves more credit. 3. It’s actually Oliver Stone who sucked in all his directorial and writing work, especially in that flop of flops, “Alexander.”

  2. EdwardAlex says:

    Why would she win a golden globe for best actress if she wasn’t amazing? Oliver is just a bitter old man who lost his ability to make descent movies. He hasn’t had a blockbuster in over a decade.

  3. CELEBR8 says:

    I think Madonna was good in D. Seeking Susan Who’s That Girl (Don’t care what anyone says) Dick Tracy A League of their Own Dangerous Game 4 Rooms Evita & The Next Best Thing My Mom (Who is a casual Fan) LOVES Swept Away. I never watched it all the way thru.

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