Olivier Buys Pricey Sailboat For Kylie Minogue

The Sun reports that Olivier Martinez has bought girlfriend a $330,000 vintage 50ft sailing boat called White Wings after his pop princess fell in love with it on a test drive. A friend said, “It is a big commitment by Olivier to splash out like this. It is a sign of the couple’s deep love. Don’t be surprised if they end up getting married on the boat.”

Kylie Claims Leggy Title

July 5, 2004 – has topped a UK poll by Gillette to find the celebrity with the world’s most perfect legs, while David Beckham won for the guys. Minogue beat out Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell, while former Spice Girl was voted 7th.

Kylie And Olivier Vacation In Corsica

July 1, 2004 – Kylie Minogue and Olivier Martinez were photographed relaxing on board a private yacht cruising off the Mediterranean island of Corsica. “Olivier and Kylie look so happy,” an onlooker said. “She couldn’t take her eyes off him.” Check out a scan from the article in The Sun here.

Sweaty Situation For Kylie’s Dancers

June 29, 2004 – Top of the Pops’ website has backstage gossip on last week’s show, including that of Kylie Minogue and Busted. Kylie’s dancers ran into problems when their tight gold dresses started to reveal not-so-pleasant under-arm sweat patches and they frantically lined up by the fan to dry out the problem.

Kylie Set For London Return Soon

June 27, 2004 – The Sunday People reports Kylie Minogue, who has been living in Paris with boyfriend Olivier Martinez, has decided to fix up her Kensington flat and should be living back in London in about 10 months.

Kylie To Be A Bond Girl?

June 21, 2004 – Sky News reports Kylie Minogue is being wooed to play the next Bond girl, though she won’t be singing the Bond theme. “We have to have someone with an international name,” a source remarked.

Very Short Interview With Minogue

June 6, 2004 – Dion the Love Doctor interviews Kylie Minogue on the red carpet of The Kids Help Line Ball 2004 on May 21st in Melbourne, Australia, for the Hot 30 countdown. Kylie couldn’t answer if Frenchmen or Australians made better lovers — “Depends on the man”. The very brief interview has since been removed from auspipe.com.

Kylie Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes

June 3, 2004 – Kylie Minogue posted a message to fans on her official website on Monday (May 31). She writes, “Hi everyone. It’s the birthday girl. I’d like to say a big thank you for all your birthday wishes. I’m wondering if Kylie doll is having as much fun as I am! The Adventures of the Kylie Doll has been thoroughly entertaining, so well done all off you photographers/designers out there.”

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