Olivier Martinez: I Will Always Be By Kylie Minogue’s Side

The Sunday Mirror reports that Kylie Minogue’s lover Olivier Martinez vowed to “always be by her side” after her successful breast cancer operation. “He is hugely emotional. He was so happy that everything was a success,” the actor’s mother Rosemarie Martinez said. “He’s been standing by Kylie through thick and thin, and will always be there for her. This has been a worrying time for all of us but we think the worst is now over.” She added: “Olivier loves being part of a close family. Olivier and Kylie are a wonderful couple and have a great future together.”

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

Kylie Leaving Hospital After Successful Op

May 21, 2005 – News of the World reports that Kylie Minogue had a growth the size of a golf ball removed from her breast and has been given the good news that the cancer has not spread. “Thankfully, tests so far have confirmed the earlier diagnosis that the cancer appears to be confined to the breast,” Kylie’s manager Terry Blamey said.

At The Airport; Olivia Supports Kylie

May 21, 2005 – arrived in Melbourne to be by the side of her sister Kylie Minogue, avoiding media at the airport. Meanwhile, fellow Australian singer and breast cancer survivor said Minogue’s diagnosis highlighted the fact that breast cancer was a risk for women of all ages.

Youths Pelt Eggs At Kylie Media

May 21, 2005 – According to 7news, reporters and photographers camped outside the Melbourne family home of cancer-stricken pop diva Kylie Minogue have been pelted with eggs and ice. A group of up to 14 youths wearing balaclavas and scarves staged the attack just after 1am (AEST) on Saturday, it was reported. The attack follows heavy criticism of the media covering Minogue’s family since news of Kylie’s breast cancer diagnosis was announced on Tuesday.

Kylie’s Cancer Surgery ‘Successful’

May 21, 2005 – ABC News reports that a surgeon at the St Frances Xavier Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne says Kylie Minogue has undergone successful surgery for breast cancer. Dr. Jenny Senior said she operated on the 36-year-old singer Friday afternoon. “I feel confident that we caught the cancer in time and that she’s now on the road to a complete recovery,” Dr. Senior said.

The full story at abc.net.au has since been removed.

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