On A Myriad Of Occasions Jason Mraz Has Screwed It Up Big Time

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (April 19), talking about how his years of touring haven’t always gone very smoothly and his belief that people should “take ownership of the situation” and then “smile and wave”. The singer songwriter tells readers:

After 25 years of public performance, I’m quite comfortable onstage. To audiences big and small I’ve seen it all and on myriad occasion I’ve screwed it up big time.

There are countless shows archived where you’ll find lyrics flubbed and chords forgotten. I’ve missed cues and entire scenes leaving other cast members to create new content to tell the story. I’ve been sh** on by a bird right before going onstage. I’ve farted during songs, fired a snot-rocket or two, and performed with my fly open. I’ve also said things that made me want to eat my words. For instance, performing in a Children’s Hospital I once asked, “Is there anything you guys are dying to hear?” …Yikes.

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