On Behalf Of The Bashers – There Is A Side There Too

Contributed anonymously:

Alright, I hate essays as much as the rest of you, so I apologize, but I had to say it….It seems like every time a new member joins popdirt we get the same damn opinion piece, in fact it feels like every week we get the same essay along the lines of “We should just accept that not everyone likes the same artist” , “There are more important things to worry about than bashing each other” , “There is no need to be so rude”…every person who writes this (and I’m counting somewhere in the thousands at this point) is under the mistaken impression that they are the first to realize this and that by posting it they are going to somehow “get through to us” like we have a veil over our eyes or something. We don’t need help; we realize what we are doing when we do it. So this is to the holier than thou posters who are usually the authors of these essays.

If you don’t like bashers, then why in the world would you write essays or participate in conversations with said bashers over and over and over again, there are enough of you that see themselves as peacemakers – talk amongst yourselves and let us have our fun, honestly you guys annoy us as much as we annoy you, so if bashing or joking around bothers you then stay away from it, cause otherwise you are just being a hypocrite.

We know that not everyone likes the same artist, we know that we could all get along, we know that we could all be nice and polite to each other, we know that can sing, can entertain, does this, does that…but what kind of boring place would popdirt be without the arguing, the bashing, the jokes. Honestly, for all your complaining, how many of you would really come here if it only consisted of polite, boring conversation?

And finally, the other important things that we “should” be focusing on….like war, terrorism, elections, bad governments, poor economy etc….why should we be forced to think about those negative things all the time? Most of us come here to relax and get away from all that seriousness, you peacemakers do nothing but bring that here.

So, you holier than thou people who hate bashers, yet can’t help but bash them…get over it or move on cause it’s getting old.

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