On TV: Mandy Moore, Nick Lachey, Clay Aiken

Pop acts on television this week include , who performs on the Wayne Brady Show on Monday; of 98 Degrees, who co-hosts MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday; , who appears on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday; Jason Mraz, who performs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday; Kelly Clarkson, who appears on TRL on Friday; and on the UK edition of TRL, look for Blazin’ Squad on Monday and Kylie Minogue on Wednesday.

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2 thoughts on “On TV: Mandy Moore, Nick Lachey, Clay Aiken

  1. mandysman_187 says:

    the “real” Mandy Moore doesn’t post on the Sony board. “MANDYMOORE” is just a username that we moderators use to pretend that we’re Mandy Moore. We had a pretty good scam going for a while because we could sell those posts to Popdirt. But now the “real” Mandy has threatened to sue us if we don’t come clean with our scam. :( So, that’s really how it is kids. Angela627 is going to be in some serious doodoo.

  2. Angela627 says:

    LOL, I must say I admire your persistence, pity I can’t say the same about your intellect. you’re so full of crap, give it up already, you know your act is up, just leave it be.

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