On TV: Pink, John Mayer, Michelle Branch

Pop acts on television this week include Pink, who performs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday and the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday; , who performs on the Tonight Show on Tuesday; Cyndi Lauper, who performs on The View on Tuesday; Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean, who goes public on his drug and alcohol addiction on Oprah, with a surprise, emotional reunion with his bandmates on Wednesday; Michelle Branch, who performs on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday and Today on Friday; , who performs on Live with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday; Dannii Minogue, who performs on Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday; Jessica Simpson, who performs on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday; and star JC Chasez, who appears on TRL on Friday to debut his new video.

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7 thoughts on “On TV: Pink, John Mayer, Michelle Branch

  1. XTremeKaos says:

    WEDNESDAY! AH I’m so excited! Excuse this teenybopper moment, but the Boys will be on Oprah AND the Billboard Awards, together as a group, on Wednesday. I know all the BSB fans are really excited. I have gotten a ton of email this past weekend announcing it to everyone on every group, website, newsletter, etc. They’re BACK!

  2. Someone says:

    I can’t wait to see the Boys on the show!! This tape must be so emotional. And the surprise is probably their next album. Yahoo!

  3. babyface0192 says:

    I was there in the audience when AJ was on Oprah it was a very emotional he was so happy that he other guys where there and I can’t wait to see Jessica and JC on TRL I’m going be there when JC is there yea

  4. JiggaWHAT says:

    BSB are also gonna be at the Billboard Awards on December 10th!

    BSB will be featured for the full hour on Oprah. originally it was just for a segment, but Oprah pushed the episode back so they could make it into a whole show! set your VCRs!

  5. SelenaY143 says:

    OH my gosh, I can’t wait. I really can’t miss this. And if I do, it will be like my Christmas presents mean nothing to me then. Did someone say emotional?? Aww… I miss these Boys.

  6. BSBfanatic935 says:

    *screams like a teenybopper*! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!! BSB are gonna announce to the world that they’re back and better than ever!

  7. mharinck says:

    OMG! Finally, they’re back…..missed those guys a lot!!!! “emotional reunion with his bandmates” …better get some Kleenex!:) lol CAN’T WAIT.

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