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In a special MSN fan chat event, answers fan questions about her self-titled new CD and how she made the leap from unknown to ‘TRL’ sweetheart. The chat takes place on Monday (June 28) at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Check it out at

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18 thoughts on “Online Chat With JoJo

  1. kiss says:

    hope you are feeling good

    ………….am not your fan…..or anything else
    ………….but I am something for you and for me

  2. alper says:

    I’m from Turkey. I love you. my favorite singer you. I want to talk with you.!

  3. Mado says:

    I’m Mado from Egypt. I want you to know that all of Egyptions don’t hear Engligh songs. So I’m proud to have the honor of hearing you. As you busy;I only want to ask you one question.

  4. Max says:

    hi Jojo you are beautiful that I haven’t seen to others
    I love your music also its cool crazy and full of fun
    I can’t control my heart when ever I see you
    That’s all I will say
    And good luck for your upcoming life
    see ya…………………

  5. Kimberley says:

    hi JoJo I love your new song its a well cool wicked song ever hunny love kimbles can you reply back to me please babe

  6. hamada says:

    JoJo you are my life I am talk to you as I think that you SURE will be the number 1.yes.i want your e-mail to talk with you important thing to me (if the boy make the girl (jojo)his life he will do any thing to her)the last thing to it I want you call or chat me I write songs to sing it. it need to see it .it is not normal it like you I am waiting .jojo hamada

  7. The king says:

    hi JoJo I like you & your songs.
    I’m new rapper.
    Nick Name: The king
    Gender: Male
    I would like to sing with you.
    Can I please.
    Have a nice day.

  8. abdullah says:

    Hi, how are you, I’m from KSA and I just wanna tell you that you have big fans here to and I’m one of them ,

    could you sing “take a bow” without a music please with your amazing voice thank you

  9. Usman Ali says:

    I love you JoJo I love you, I want to chat with you or I will commit suicide…. I can do anything for you, I’m from Pakistan, I’ve left my studies and think about you, I love you so much. More than my mother.
    I want to chat, please one reply will do it all. My dreams will come true only few words…. I just love you, my laptop wallpaper is of you, my room is filled up with your pics, I love you, please reply to me.
    I want you or I’ll die and will show you video how I die. I can do anything for you….

  10. FURQAN says:

    JoJo I am your greatest fan I love you so much please chat to me please I’ll be very thankful to you and I’m from Dubai I do any thing to chat with you and I’m 13 years old please do chat with a child please don’t broke my heart

  11. amine cris says:

    Hi JoJo I’m Amine from Algeria you are my first singer ever I have downloaded your album it was so cool but I have one question what’s your opinion about Muslims and Arabian zone ok I have to go bye bye and good luck for more success bye

  12. zeel parekh says:

    Hi! JoJo mama I am Zeel from Gujarat. How are you?

  13. Al_Kerkukly says:

    hi JoJo how are you?
    I’m very very like you.
    my hope is to talk with you if you don’t mind,so if liked too would you please save my E-mail
    be safe
    with best wishes
    Yours:- Al_Kerkuly

  14. mimi says:

    hello it’s disaster

  15. mimi says:

    jojo i’m reallly in disaster don’t you know

  16. mimi says:

    i’m dead goodbye

  17. Tyler briscoe says:

    I have a crush on her
    JoJo siwa

  18. Hudson says:

    Jojo i cry because i have always wanted to meet you i also have a crush on you :( love you jojo!!!

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