Only Pop Music? I Think Not

Contributed by BabyBlue2578:

In response to WaneInTheZone’s post, I agree with one thing… hasn’t done any real harm. She hasn’t killed anybody or anything, I guess. She’s just making millions off the people that believe her to be talented when she probably knows she sucks. It’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t even try anymore. On SNL, she was barely moving during the performance of ‘Me Against The Music’. Yet you all think she’s so amazing. She’s making all of you “fans” look like idiots. But no, that’s not harmful.

But she is definitely an embarrassment to our country. When she goes on national TV saying that Canada is overseas, she doesn’t know who Tony Blair is and she has the nerve to comment on the war. That makes us all look dumb because whether she wants to be or not, she is representative of America.

I won’t even get into how insulting her career is to all the talented people in this country that don’t have the record deal that she has. That don’t have the opportunities that she has. And to all the people suffering around the world while she spends $12,000 on a private plane to bring her coffee. She has an influential voice in this country, and she uses it for nothing.

And the title “Princess of Pop” comes from where? There’s no appointed queen or king or even ruler of music.. they’re just titles that people throw around. They mean nothing.

But yes, it’s only pop music. It means absolutely nothing in the whole scheme of things. Because music doesn’t change lives or inspire people. It’s just a pointless bland excuse for expression.

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11 thoughts on “Only Pop Music? I Think Not

  1. olivia1984 says:

    Whoa, harsh comment!!! Although I pretty much agree. I like Britney and her older songs but I don’t like any of her new songs. I saw her performance on SNL, and it is kind of a disappointment when they showed her lip syncing. They should have at least made it look real!! Anyways as far as spending $12,000 for a plane to bring her coffee, well if you have the money then why not? I think Britney would be better off if she would sing songs that showed us that she has a voice, if she has one!

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    You’re throwing around your opinion as if you speak for the entire country, If you believe she’s talentless that’s your damn opinion. As for the SNL performance, It was obvious she was giving it her all the entire time. If you haven’t noticed the stage isn’t big enough to really swing a cat in, Yet she managed to pull of a choreographed routine while being backed by a live a band…This is obviously a change from Arena sized venue’s in Vegas that she’s used to performing in. Why would I be embarrassed of anything Britney does, Every album she releases is awesome. Her videos which may be racy are all done tastefully… Britney can hardly take any credit for embarrassing America, When we and our president do a pretty good job of that on our own. It’s absolutely amazing how the most Obese unhealthy country in the world can be so judgmental and hateful, Truly amazing.

  3. CARPEDIEM says:

    MusicMan, you are just as pathetic as the people who keeps writing these ridiculous essays. Stop posting this crap. I don’t care for Britney either but an embarrassment to the country is just ridiculous. You have people like ball players going around raping and killing people. You have presidents that are having sex in the oval office. You have priests having sex with kids but Britney an entertainer is an embarrassment to the country. Wow, you people really have your priorities messed up. Get a clue.

  4. BabyBlue2578 says:

    As well as it is your opinion that she’s talented. What’s your point? I’m hardly being hateful. And obviously its my opinion if its in the THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS section. You’re the one throwing around “factual” opinions calling her the princess of pop. If you think she’s awesome, then that’s your problem. Or better yet, weakness. But she’s the one that said those stupid things, not me. And yeah our President is an embarrassment to our country, but so is she. She’s famous, and influential and the fact that she comments on international affairs that she has no idea about is embarrassing as well. What’s truly amazing is how dumb her fans are. I swear she has subliminal messages in her “music.”

  5. MistySl says:

    She’s a Pop Icon, She’s Lazy Now, She Thinks she doesn’t have to work. That’s the way Madonna feels now too. But they will see, the public is slowly turning away from Britney and appreciating stars who give 100% like Janet and Norah Jones. Not some barbie Doll doing her Bally’s routine on stage and not singing live.

  6. weebongo says:

    So what if Britney doesn’t know who Blair is, she’s young. Our president is in his 50’s and he didn’t know who the word leaders are for many important countries while he was running for president. That is much more of an Embarrassment than Britney.

  7. CARPEDIEM says:

    My girlfriend has always been a huge fan of Britney’s. I have never understood why. But I really hope Britney comes out so strong with sells. I cannot wait until she’s all over TV and radio, just because I know it will bother the hell out of some of you. You people are simple. MusicMan is just as bad for posting crap, this is not news. Rant and rave over, I just remembered why I stopped coming to this board a couple of months ago. Now, I’m trying to remember why I came back. Pointless, really pointless.

  8. muzik_luver says:

    WTF? I thought this was a new’s-on-your-fave-stars site not a post-your-stupid-ass-opinion-site. If you want to speak about someone do it in a post about them…do not keep making your own threads!! This is getting so freaking annoying!

  9. outrageous4u says:

    I wonder why people have so much anger towards Britney-its fine to not be a fan and to express that but some people go way overboard. a disgrace to Americans???a little melodramatic I think. I mean come on it is just pop music, people-meant for fun and that’s it-she brings joy to a lot of people, me included. I think when people get so intense about their dislike of Britney it shows that there is some underlying reason for their hate jealousy…insecurities…i am not sure really it doesn’t make sense to me because I can’t stand P. Diddy (or whatever his name is today) but I don’t obsess over him and write crazy comments about everything he does I think all you extreme Britney haters are very bizarre

  10. Mimi_Red says:

    I agree with this post…she is in the MUSIC industry and she has NO MUSICAL TALENT! It is a shame that she was dubbed the princess of pop. The name does not suit her. Nor do I believe that she is an entertainer cause she dances like a robot and lip syncs. Just my opinion

  11. jazzprofounder says:

    Well first of all, celebrities aren’t ambassadors of our country, they don’t have to hold the responsibility of bringing out a “good image” of America, and whatever they do in means of their careers and their lives in the public eye have nothing to do with war and politics, unless they choose to become a part of that. Britney Spears isn’t that great of an artist compared to Elton John, Michael Jackson, Cher, and other pioneers who truly represent America without having their own lives being the judge of it. If you’re blaming Britney for the “embarrassment” of America, then you might as well also put our whole pop culture on top of the “embarrassment” too, it has become the main influence of Britney Spears career and many other artists and fans as well.

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