Onyx Hotel And Britney – The Concert And Singer To Talk About

The Onyx Hotel tour may be too sexed up for some but when thinking about the 22 year old pop-star. You know why? is grown up and rebelling. She needs to first shed the teen queen skin before she can do her thing. That’s what this album was about. Britney shedding her old image. From what I have noticed many people don’t like this switch – Mostly adult critics who don’t know what’s “in” if they were smacked on the face with it. And I am not saying Britney is ‘in’ but she is definitely not on her way out. Her CD sales remain healthy (which is hard in today’s music industry) and her concert is selling very well. Even thought 10,000-20,000 people pack in to see Britney’s concert people still say it’s horrible. Well, in my opinion…the concert is entertaining and that is what it needs to be. She is doing her thing. Leave her alone. Stop talking about her if you don’t like her. Right? I mean how hard is that? Are you people that insecure with yourselves that you spend time dissing people you don’t even know?

And Britney’s “over-the-top lip-synching” as one critic called it, isn’t all that bad. From attending a sound rehearsal before a show I know that Britney can sing. She sings all her songs to back up tracks, which you don’t have to believe me but in an interview recently with her dancers….they also say she sings to back-up tracks. People need to get over their beef with her and leave her alone. Just think….if you ever are as big as her…people are going to hate you too. In my opinion the people who diss her are the people who need help. I just don’t think it’s right. And being a religious person…I know judging is wrong in my standards. I mean imagine going through what she goes through in a day. Give her a break! She is young and she can make mistakes.

If you don’t like your 12 year old listening to her. Good. The less young fans she has the better for me. Then I get more of the Britney I like. Everyone over looks the fact that ‘Shadow’ and ‘Everytime’ were written out of her heart…about her life. Can you imagine shelling out your soul like that and just getting rejected? But there is a difference….people can say whatever they want about Britney…because she doesn’t care. I know I wouldn’t care. All I would have to think about would be the fact that I did something with my life and caught my dreams. Unlike the concert reviewer for the city newspaper. Wow! You write for a newspaper! You must be the ultimate authority. Keep judging people! See where it gets you! HA HA HA! Those people who think they are all that bother me.

Britney has accomplished more than people care to look at because people need to bash people whoa re on top. Another example is . Leave her alone! SHE IS BEING CHRISTINA! Let her be!

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