Oops… Britney Spears Proves Her Critics Wrong Again

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Another day, another accomplishment for Britney Spears. Looks like star power is shining brighter than ever world wide. Sorry to rein on your parade fans, but Britney Spears has once again proved you wrong and confounded those who are so adement about her demise. Yet again Britney Spears is recieving success. This time, it is the extraordinary sales of her latest DVD which has Jive stunned.

According to People En Espanol Magazine Britney has the biggest selling DVD of the year in South America and this DVD only just came out:

1. Britney Spears: Greatest Hits – My Prerogative
2. Matrix Revolutions.
3. x2: X-men United
4. The Passion of the Christ
5. The Day After Tomorrow

– Britney’s Greatest Hits DVD sales continue to grow much faster internationally — and Jive says the best is yet to come overseas and South America with the release of Britney’s latest Video ‘Do Somethin’.
The DVD has been already certified platinum in several countries making it without a doubt Britney’s Best Selling DVD ever.
The DVD certainly demonstrates the artist’s global appeal with debuts at number one in Mexico, Austria, Germany, Israel, and Switzerland, top five positions in France, Spain, Japan, Australia, UK, Venezuela, Norway and top ten for Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, and Portugal.
“We are elated with the first week’s opening on Britney’s DVD in the US and internationally, particularly given the current difficult economic climate.” says Barry Weiss, President of Jive Records. “This new Britney DVD is by far her best work to date and we plan to work it on a worldwide level through all of 2005 and beyond.”

This isn’t just for music DVD’s, but this is for ALL DVD’s ( movies ect). could not even manage to make it into the top 100. Yes. That is right, that TOP 100 biggest selling DVD’s in South America, Christina didn’t even come close. This must come as a huge slap in the face for Christina since she once embrased Latin America, but Latin America just turned round and spat in her face.

Also, interest in Britney Spears doesn’t seem like its going to die out anytime soon, because for the past 6 years Britney Spears is constantly the #1 most searched celebrity on the internet. And Oops…. She did it again. From Google.com:

Hit Me Baby – 73,000,000,000 Times

POP princess Britney Spears has topped another hit list to be crowned queen of Google.

She was the most requested person on the internet’s biggest search engine in 2004, pipping sexy heiress Paris Hilton. The technology giant’s annual Zeitgeist chart gauges public interest in celebrities, current affairs and sport. Britney’s turbulent private life including a brief mar-riage, a new lover and rumours of a pregnancy kept her in the headlines. And her popularity on Google – used for more than 73billion internet searches a year – soared. Google is used for almost half of all searches and the technology giants are worth £23billion. It’s the second year in a row Britney has been the most sought-after woman on the web.

Britney’s career crashing and burning? Not by a long shot. Her Greatest Hits album has sold an estimated 4.8 million world wide, her single My Prerogative is closer to the 1 million mark than Carwash, and her DVD became her best selling DVD ever. Not to mention that her perfume is the #1 selling perfume in America, Canada and Australia. Christina? She is too buisy loosing fans. While reading one idiotic essay written by an obviously mentally derranged Christina fan, this person incorrectly stated that Christinas’ looks is appealing to her fans. I think not. Instead of me telling you these facts, I will just show you what kind of things her fans are saying about her in different forums:

I am a Christina fan ( or at least was, anyway) and I feel that change isnt always a good thing. Britney’s music has changed but only a bit, and she has still managed to sell reasonable amounts of album, didn’t her last album sell 8 million? Christina changed ALOT during the stripped era and this was a good change, but look at her latest change. Her new 20’s look , quite frankly, blows. I became a fan in 2003, but with her new 20’s look I think that I wont continue to be a fan, and Im sure Im not the only one who thinks so. Just look at the disaster of her 2 singles world wide. Tilt Your Head Back peaked at #26 and fell to #30 in the world chart. Carwash fell out of the top 10 pretty fast too, My Prerogative is still in the top 10 and peaked higher than carwash. This isnt just any old chart for one country, but the whole world.Yes, I will admit that Britney is successful, I have nothing against her, but if she can manage to still be successful and have the same look, then she must be doing something right. I guess I have to give Christina props for experimenting with a new image, but this is dangerous to her career because lets face it, who realy listens to 20’s music?

This quote was made by an ex- fan of Christina from govteen.com.

Christina Aguilera’s new look has people laughing around the world. With many British womens magazine remarking that she looks more like a drag queen. Once Christina was successful, but not she is nothing. For proof just to to mediatraffic.de and look at the lack of success of her 2 singles. Tilt Your Head Back sold a miserable 50 k world wide, Carwash sold a pathetic 400k world wide, My Prerogative has sold 760k world wide. Face it Christina fans, the clear winner is Britney.

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