Oops…. I Flopped Again!

Contributed anonymously:

Sorry Britney Spears, you hit, and you miss, sometimes.

‘My Prerogative,’ Spears latest single for her Greatest Hits LP due November 9, didn’t show any sign that it was set to be a huge hit, following the mega successes of ‘Toxic’ and ‘Everytime.’ In fact, it pails in comparison to new singles put up by fellow superstars Destiny’s Child and Eminem.

Today, according to the latest pop tally, Spears single lost airplay spins in all radio formats where it is being played. Add that to the fact that ‘Prerogative’ hasn’t and most probably won’t be debuting on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ironic as it may seem, the carrier single for her supposedly ‘Greatest Hits’ Album isn’t actually a hit. Too bad. Well, better luck next time, Britney. That is, if you still have a next time.

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